Sunday Funday: 17 Facts You might not know about Jerusalem, Israel


Few city names conjure up so many different things to mind, but here are 17 really interesting facts about Jerusalem, Israel! I went in 2018 and can’t wait to go again! It’s a great trip!

  1. The City of Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city
  2. The City of Jerusalem’s Biblical zoo features Bible animals
  3. Some of the olive trees in Jerusalem are more than 800 years old
  4. The City of Jerusalem is fully walled
  5. The City of Jerusalem is a center of pilgrimage and an object of devotion for three religions
  6. The City of Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives is the oldest active burial site in the world
  7. Jerusalem has been conquered more than 40 times
  8. The City of Jerusalem is one of the world’s fastest-growing high- tech hubs in the world
  9. The City of Jerusalem is a festive city, hosting more than 30 festivals annually
  10. The City of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel has international repute, and has hosted Elizabeth Taylor, Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, and Madonna, among other dignitaries.
  11. The City of Jerusalem has emergency response teams on bikes
  12. The City of Jerusalem was the first to run a light rail
  13. Israel is the only country in the world that has more trees today than it had 50 years ago.
  14. The City of Jerusalem has at least 60 museums
  15. The City of Jerusalem has more than 1,500 public parks and gardens
  16. The City of Jerusalem hosts more than 26 wineries
  17. The City of Jerusalem has an American football stadium

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Old City Jerusalem Photo Courtesy of Globus Family of Brands

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