Ocean Cruises

My first love of travel came from my early cruise experiences. Whether you dream of cruising the Caribbean, adventuring to Alaska, or have another vacation vision, I can help you choose the perfect itinerary!

River Cruises

River cruising is a very nice way to tour Europe, the Mekong, and other parts of the world. You get to make lots of stops in major cities – often times right in city center, and no packing/unpacking!


Just want to relax on a resort in warm weather (or skiing!) without a big agenda? All-inclusive may be a great option for you – and is often a very simple vacation to enjoy! It can be surprisingly easy access & there is a property for everyone!


I LOVE Ireland! As a person with roots in the land of luck, story-telling, whiskey, crystal, and beautiful landscapes, I’d love to help you plan an amazing journey if Ireland is on your list!

The Holy Land

My 1st trip to Israel was by far one of the most exciting, interesting, & eye-opening trips I’ve ever experienced – and you should too! Go with your family or your church! We can set up a great group experience or something smaller.

See the World

Do you have in mind to see Europe, the South Pacific, the Mediterranean or another location? The world is huge with many options and many styles of travel. I can’t wait to help you see it YOUR way!

Hi! I’m Sandy.

Back in 2014 I started working in the cruise business, and from that, I developed a passion for making it simple for you to see the world – how you want – and I love helping you stretch out to the next big thing you’ve got in mind! My clients love that I take care of everything from start to finish for them. I will work closely with you to uncover what your truest travel wishes are and help you make them come true!

Not only do I love helping you fill your photo albums, memories, and social media pages with amazing travel experiences, but I also help you make sure you’re protected before and during your trip in case something unexpected happens.

Let’s talk! I’d love to get to know you and what you want to do with your wanderlust!

Next Steps…

Now that you’re ready to plan your next adventure, let’s get together and discuss what you have in mind – and see your travel dreams come to life!