Monday Motivation: Culinary Cruise Collection – Africa

Courtesy of Distinctive Voyages

Check out these Featured Sailings that Highlight Culinary Delights in Africa:

  • 11/5/22 – Seabourn’s 21-day Morocco & Canary Islands Cruise
  • 11/12/22 – Seabourn’s 14-day Moroccan Gems & Canary Islands Cruise
  • 11/12/22 – Seabourn’s 28-day Morocco & Isles of the Atlantic Cruise
  • 4/27/23 – Seabourn’s 30-day Africa’s Atlantic Coast & Canary Islands Cruise

10 Amazing Culinary Experiences in Africa:

When In Egypt:

  • Hamam Mahshi – Pigeons stuffed with onions & spices along side a grain called freekeh, which is a green cracked wheat with a nutty flavor.

When in South Africa:

  • Bobotie – fragrant spiced mince, topped with egg custard and bay leaves, then baked
  • Waterblommetjies – wild water flowers baked into a delicious lamb stew that’s popular throughout the cape
  • Rooibos – an herbal tea great in the morning, or in the evening as part of cocktails
  • Boerewors – farmer’s sausage made of beef and pork mince with much coriander and nutmeg.
  • Pinotage – earthy red wine from Warwick Estate in South Africa.
Courtesy of Distinctive Voyages

When in Morocco:

  • Mint Tea – Moroccan hospitality at its most essential
  • Snail Soup – A Marrakech street stall staple, cooked slowly in peppery broth made with 15+ spices
  • Moroccan Harira Soup – Comforting soup with chickpeas, lentils, harissa paste & toasted spices
  • Kefta Tagine – Minced Beef or Lamp covered in spices, rolled into balls, and cooked in a tomato and onion sauce
Courtesy of Distinctive Voyages

Africa is full of stores, wild sights, deep culture, & beautiful wildlife. There is such a huge world of experiences out there, don’t miss it!

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Small ship cruise on the Seabourn Ovation
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