My Top 7 Must Pack Airplane Essentials

Happy Tuesday! Here’s a fun picture I captured of our girl cat Lacey. She likes to explore at home, but would not like to trot the globe for real…she’s too skittish! 

Last week, we talked about how to buzz right through those security lines. This week, I want to share with you my list of the top 7 things I never get on a plane without. 

What are yours? Reply and let me know!  I’d love to hear them!

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I never board a flight without these 7 things

Inflatable neck pillow

I have a hard enough time sleeping while in any moving vehicle. The slightest jarring movement and I’m wide awake again! I found an inflatable pillow that I really like, but there are many. Everything from inflatable to beads to memory foam.


Layers – Yes, I always fly wearing layers. I tend to get cold everywhere, but layers allow you to adjust to any sort of temperature situation you come across.


Whether you prefer reading on a Kindle, reading a book, watching some downloaded movies or tv shows on your device, playing video games on your device – whatever you like! I’m partial to travel magazines and on-demand video.

Bottle of Water

Bottle of water – Now, I LOATHE paying $3-4 at the airport for a bottle of water, so I always put an almost empty water bottle in my bag on my way to the airport. I polish it off before going through TSA Pre-check, and then after I’m through security, I fill it up in one of those nice filtered water bottle dispensers in the water fountains. This way, if we run into some turbulence, and we have to wait on drink service, I won’t be super thirsty while waiting.

Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earbuds

This is a new item on my list – well, the noise canceling headphones part. I am going to Israel in December…so that’s going to be a long flight. I’ve only been on flights about 5 hours or less so far, and that’s gonna be 10-12 hours each way. In case there’s a crying child, I still want to be able to sleep. I’ll be packing earplugs too!


I prefer not to pack my prescriptions in my checked luggage, and I never leave home without some pain reliever like ibuprofen. You never know when a headache will strike!

External Battery Charger

I love to keep a spare external charger on me, with a charging cord, in case I drain my phone battery entertaining myself onboard. Some planes have a plug or USB, but most don’t. This comes in handy.

I’d LOVE to hear what your top must-pack airplane items! Comment and let me know! I’d be thrilled to help you plan your next vacation – whether it’s going to be in a month or a year or even 2 years! I’m here to help you.

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