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Travel Mastermind Group Event Fall 2018

Greetings & happy Friday! I hope this Fall Friday is treating you well. I’ve decided to start sending this out on Fridays, because who wouldn’t love to think about their future travel plans on a Friday? 

This picture here is me and a bunch of incredible people that I had the honor to spend 3 days with last week during a travel professionals mastermind event. I’ve got so many ideas on how I can do what I love – which is helping you plan amazing adventures – even more effectively… which means even better service for you! 

You’ll see these awesome folks in the photo above. We were at a local winery in this photo – Shelton Vineyards. They were kind enough to arrange an absolutely delicious lunch, tour, & private wine tasting experience. While I am not a wine connoisseur, I did enjoy a few of their wines, but mostly really enjoyed the Riesling. 

On the note of upward and onward, during the month of November, I’d love to share some great info with you about river cruising. Have you decided when you’ll treat yourself to a European River Cruise (or your next one)?

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When Will You Treat Yourself to a European River Cruise?

I just HAD to tell you about this new ship by AmaWaterways (one of the best river cruise lines in Europe)!  They are about to launch this AMAZING new ship, the AmaMagna. 

3D Rendering of AmaMagna (currently being built)

About River Cruising: River cruising is one of the most incredible ways to explore Europe without having to carry your bags and luggage from hotel to hotel. Like an ocean cruise, unpack once and explore many destinations. River cruises are 7 days or more in most cases, averaging 7-14 days.  Many beginning and ending cities are major European cities, and you can add a few days on either end of your cruise to explore a city you really want to see more of. 

What’s so special about AmaMagna: It is almost twice the width of a traditional river cruise ship. Most of them are very narrow and shallow due to river cruising restrictions – river depth and width is a big consideration. So, a ship like this can’t sail on any European River… so it’s sailing on the Danube River. Also, AmaMagna will feature everything from 5-star dining with world-class service, to absolutely stunning amenities – which you’ll hear about next week!

Check out the awesome video below to see what life aboard AMAWaterways is like!

Life on Board AmaWaterways

What do you think? Looks amazing, right?  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go right now!

I’d be honored to help you plan your next vacation – whether it’s going to be an incredible AmaMagna Danube River Cruise next year, a Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort this winter, or even if you need to plan 2 years ahead! I’m here to help you get the MOST out of your travels!

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