Are You Joining Me On The Cruise?

Enjoying a Custom flagged cocktail in Riviera Maya, Mexico

I hope you enjoyed Labor Day, and if you’re lucky – maybe you got a day off from labor! As for me? Not so much. I’m working on packing up the house so we can move a couple of miles down the road.

The last time I emailed you, I was heading out of the country to go to see multiple properties in the Riviera Maya and Cancun areas. The photo above was a little welcome drink at our training in Riviera Maya. This was quite an experience and I’m going to share with you all about it soon!!

TIP: If you’re going to do any water activities near the reef areas in Riviera Maya, shop in advance for ecologically friendly sunscreen. As a result of respecting the environment, I got the worst sunburn of my LIFE. At least that I can recall. SO painful and awful and painful and itchy!

For now, I wanted to talk to you about cruising to Canada & New England! Lots of folks like to do these fall foliage cruises, and next year I’m going to personally see what is so spectacular – I’ve heard it’s wonderful! Enjoy! -Sandy

Are you joining me on the cruise?

Have you ever been on a Canada/New England cruise in the fall? If not, now is the best time to start thinking about it for next year.

These cruises are wildly popular among travelers and have absolutely stunning scenery, along with some really incredible experiences.

Things to See and Do

You can go white water rafting, whale watching, write a speedboat in the bay of Fundy, take a scenic bike ride, go kayaking, hiking in the National Park, and enjoy all the spectacular scenery of the coastal roads and warm fall leaf views!

When to go

While the cruise tends to run anywhere from May through October, the peak of the fall foliage season that everybody gets so excited about occurs in late September into mid-October, although they are a vast amount of sailings between August and September.


Even throughout the summer, the Canadian night temperatures can drop as low as the upper 40s or the low 50s. July and August, of course, are the warmest months and even with that in mind summer nights can be as low as the mid50s. It’s all about layering your clothing on this type of itinerary.

Cruise Lines

A first timer taking a Canada or New England cruise might be perfectly fine with a big cruise liner such as Princess, or maybe Royal Caribbean. However, if you really want to get into those tiny little ports such as Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, you might want to consider looking into a luxury smaller ship such as Silverseas or Seabourn.


There are a lot of great itineraries to choose from. They depart from as far south as Baltimore and Cape Liberty, New Jersey and a lot of them leave from Quebec or Montreal. You can do a one-way sailing which would begin in New York City for example and end in Quebec, or you can look at a seven-night voyage that’s round-trip bringing right back to where you started but you will see a lot more if you do a one-way cruise.

When to book

These Canada & New England cruises fill up FAST for the fall – so I would suggest that you consider booking 2019 cruises now to ensure you can get a good location on your stateroom. There’s a lot to consider when planning your itinerary, so let me know if you’re ready to move on this popular bucket-list cruise!

I’m going in 2019 – how about you?

As it so happens, a family member is doing an “invite the family along” honeymoon cruise next year so we are sailing late next August and going to Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John, & Halifax. I can’t wait to explore these ports! I’m spending time with family on this trip, but you’re welcome to come along and perhaps we’ll run into one another around the ship!

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