Kelsey Grammer + Which Cruise Ship = Netflix Original Movie?

I hope this finds you having a terrific Tuesday!

My kids and I ventured to Pennsylvania for a long weekend visit with family & friends recently, and my mom gave me this picture up here. Do have any of the old keychain photo boxes from the decades before digital photography? That’s why you see the sides of the inside of the box! We decided it would be fun to try and take a photo of the inside of the photo box with a smartphone, and it worked!

This week I wanted to share some really fun cruise news with you, so enjoy! -Sandy

Kelsey Grammer + Cruise = Netflix movie!

I don’t know if you loved Kelsey Grammer’s old tv show “Frasier”. I sure did!

Anyway, check out Royal Caribbean’s new ship “The Harmony of the Seas” in this 60-second walkthrough. I was lucky enough to tour this ship last fall – and I must say it’s a true beauty!

Royal Caribbean’s mega-ship Harmony of the Seas is in a new movie this summer, along with Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogen, in the Netflix original “Like Father.”

To celebrate, on August 3, the cruise line hosted the biggest film premiere at sea by screening the dramedy on all its same Class ships, including Symphony, Harmony, Allure, and Oasis of the Seas in the AquaTheater, the onboard amphitheater boasting two movie screens.

This movie looks like a fun movie and it’s on my list! Check out a preview here!

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