Global Entry is AMAZING!

On a catamaran with our awesome host Felipe with Lomas Travel

I hope you’re on your way to a terrific Tuesday! Above, you’ve seen a photo I took with our host with the most in Mexico – Felipe. He works with Lomas Travel, and they did the most wonderful job taking us to and from the airport, some fun activities, and several other resorts in the Cancun & Riviera Maya areas. This was my first time visiting the area, and indeed they were right. Mexican hospitality is excellent!

Today we remember a day that will never be forgotten, September 11, 2001. It is hard to believe that it has been 17 years since that tragic day.

Thank you to all who serve in volunteer services & the military, and may those who were lost never be forgotten.Right after this time is when security at airport all over the place began to screen tougher to keep airplanes and passengers safer.  Now, if I could save you bucketloads of time at the airport, wouldn’t you just love that? Check out my article below about how you can skip not just one but two lines when traveling internationally!

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I’ll never fly again without THIS amazing pass!

Do you love to travel, but the thought of the TSA security lines and the long waits at US Immigration and Customs are holding you back? I have a great tip to simplify your life – and it’s called Global Entry.

I recently enrolled myself and was amazed at how simple and efficient the process was. Now, whenever I travel by air, I can use the TSA PreCheck lines at security which move so much quicker because you are not required to strip (belts, jewelry and even shoes can stay where they belong!) or remove your laptop and baggie with liquids and powdes from your carry-on luggage!

Then, if I am traveling Internationally, I can bypass the long lines at Passport control upon my return to the U.S. and simply scan my passport at a Global Entry kiosk, which also checks my fingerprints and takes a very flattering “selfie”. If I am cleared, a receipt prints and I can simply flash it to an immigration officer as I walk briskly to claim my luggage and head home.

The application process is very easy and fast. I filled out the online application, paid the $100 fee (good for 5 years and reimbursed by some high-level credit cards) and within 3 days, I received an email telling me I was conditionally approved and invited to set up an appointment at the closest participating airport.

I did have to wait about 3 weeks for a convenient appointment time at Charlotte-Douglas Airport, but I hear that other airports have shorter waits. On the day of the appointment, you take your Passport, Driver’s License and approval letter to the Global Entry office and have a 10-minute interview with an agent. He asked me a few questions about my past travels and fingerprinted me and then told me that I was approved. I received my official card in the mail within 5 days. EASY-PEASEY!

At the end of my trip to Mexico last month, when I arrived in Baltimore (I had a stopover), the line was RIDICULOUS to even get to where you could SEE the signs to go through customs. I felt so bad for my new friend that I had met during the trip.

It took her 90 minutes to get through what took me FIVE MINUTES.

She was in line, and I was enjoying a very delicious dinner at Roseada Farms Burger Joint (BWI). Very good. Not likely very healthy but I will recommend! This was a burger with crab meat on it and some kind of BBQ sauce.

I’m not here to torture you with delicious food pictures… I promise! In any case, it’s SO worth it.

How Much Do These Passes Cost?
TSA Pre-check is $85 for 5 years
Global Entry is $100 for 5 years and includes TSA Pre-check.

Global entry for the win (unless you’re not going to fly internationally)!

Are you ready to simplify YOUR life and become a member of the Global Entry elite? The link to get started is:

I’d love to help you plan that first getaway to try out your new perks! Get your application done & let’s get you off to a new, amazing destination!

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