Melodies on the Danube & Romantic Danube

My daughter, Summer, and I at the lake near our home in Mooresville, NC

TGIF! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?  We are getting ready to head from North Carolina up to Pennsylvania to visit family for the day of giving thanks and eating delicious, delicious turkey! 

My kids and I have been trying to enjoy the agreeable North Carolina weather and our new lakefront property at our rental community as much as we can! We found a gorgeous day not too long ago and enjoyed a stroll and the lovely Adirondack chairs that are situated right in front of the water. 

It’s good to relax and unwind at home – not ONLY while on vacation!  But let’s get back to the month of AmaMagna. I’m super excited to share 2 of their special itineraries with you this week!

I’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you on which itineraries sound the most interesting to you – and which are your top bucket list destinations in Europe?

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2 Incredible Danube Itineraries on AmaMagna

Last week we talked about how amazing the AmaMagna itself is going to be, & this week I want to look at the first in a series of itineraries.  This week we will look at the Melodies on the Danube & Romantic Danube Itineraries.  Later, we’ll explore special holiday itineraries and a few for those of you with other special interests!

Melodies of the Danube

Imagine this breathtaking view on the Danube

Cruise From : Budapest to Vilshofen

Go with your significant other or a small group, and sail along the Danube and see why this river has inspired record numbers of poets, musicians, and artists. Do you enjoy timeless architecture? You can bask in the aged but solid standing buildings from centuries ago while you also can enjoy art in 4 cities: Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague.

Are you a fan of The Sound of Music?

Let the hills come alive in Salzburg & the Austrian Lake District. Cruise through the Strudengau Valley and allow the precious melodies of the Danube take you from one treasure to another on an unforgettable journey through time.

The Romantic Danube

Romantic Danube is a pretty good description of this photo, don’t you think?

Cruise from: Vilshofen to Budapest

Do you wish to experience that old world Europe vibe, getting close to the cities and ports that only small ships can go? Where kings and queens were crowned in history, and where Mozart and Beethoven composed and even performed their music?

Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest – these timeless cities are along the gentle Danube River Cruise itineraries. There are so many sights to see: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, grand abbeys and fortresses up high over the river, the Czech Republic’s charming mountain town, Ceský Krumlov, and even the beauty of Austria’s Lake District can be seen on this cruise.

You’ll get to visit Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia along these Danube River Cruises.

Don’t you think it’s time to see them for yourself? Reach out to learn more about how much you get with an AmaWaterways River Cruise! Email or text/call 704-625-6662.

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