Travel Tip Tuesday: Car Rental Tips from a Travel Lawyer

If the various requirements and rules of international travel are keeping you home in the US but you wish to rent a car for your trip, here are some great tips – coming from a travel industry attorney, that you can use! Enjoy!

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#1 Join a Frequent-Renter Program

Why do this? Bypass the counter in most cases amd go right to the lot, avoiding the line. Usually it is free to join anyway, so why not?

National, before it was Enterprise, developed a program called Emerald Aisle. This program allows program members to select any vehicle available regardless of category (for example: compact, full size, SUV, van, etc.)

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#2 To buy or not to buy the Loss Damage Waiver Policy (LDW)

That is always the big question and is a huge money maker for car rental companies – however, most personal car insurance policies do cover a rental car for usually up to 30 days.

The argument to buy it is: if you have an accident, it will be a claim on your personal auto policy. You might think the cost of the plan at the car rental agency is so much less than your collision deductible so why bother? If you rent a car 1-2x a year, then I think it makes sense. But if you are renting 20, 30 or 40 times a year, which is not unusual, the LDW fees will add up way too quickly.

This is a personal choice but good to consider the options.

#3 Airline miles or Car Rental Loyalty Rewards?

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Usually the car rental points give you a better kickback such as a free day when comparing to a few hundred airline miles.

#4 Toll Road Considerations

If the state you are in will either require a toll pass or device, or just toll by license plate (newer and more common now), the car rental company will bill your card on file for it.

#5 Always Get a Receipt

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When you turn in your vehicle at the end, get your receipt and keep it! Once you have this you have no further liability – even if they come back later, they can’t say so because you have your receipt.

This is why it is also recommended to drop off your car when the location is open. That way damage that occurs to the vehicle after drop off is not your responsibility, and damage incurred at the time if it is not detected. If you must drop off after hours, take photos of the car before you leave.

#6 The Best price isn’t always the best deal

Think about their cancellation policy – some cheaper companies will not refund, or fully refund you if you need to cancel.

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