Sunday Funday: 5 Reasons Jerusalem, Israel is an Important Destination for Faith Travelers

Although it may seem like a hotbed of turmoil at times, Israel is fascinating and if you are a religious or faithful person, you might like to visit for so many reasons! Here’s 5 reasons people go based on primarily faith based but also heavily for historical reasons too!

Jerusalem may be considered the most holy city in the world simply because of the number as well as diversity of people who have and do hold it to be sacred.

Jerusalem is important to the Jewish people because it is the Holy City & the Biblical Zion, the City of David, the site of Solomon’s Temple, and the capital of the Israelite nation.

Jerusalem is important to Christians because it is where the young Jesus impressed the people at the Jewish Temple, where he spent the last days of his ministry, and where the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection took place.

Jerusalem is important to Muslims because it is where the prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended to heaven. After the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem is the third most sacred place of Islam.

When you go to Jerusalem, you can almost feel this electrical charge or energy that’s different from other places, but Jerusalem has also been ravaged by thirty centuries of warfare and strife.

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The photo below of the dead sea is just one of many amazing wonders in this country. Whether you go for faith based reasons or natural wonders alone, this is another great stop on your trip!

The Dead Sea, Israel Photo Courtesy Globus Family of Brands

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