My Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Cruise

June ONE beautiful port of call out of so many in the world!

There are:

  • 60 Cruise Lines
  • 23 Million Passengers estimated to sail in 2017
  • 184 River Cruise Ships
  • 26 BRAND NEW ships being ordered in 2017
  • Cruise Journeys from 2 days to 1 full year
  • Ports of call in nearly EVERY country in the world

Tip #1: Consider your crew’s alcohol consumption habits ON VACATION

If you and yours are not big drinkers, this is a non-issue. BUT, if you tend to enjoy a lot of cocktails, beers, or glasses of wine on vacation, you want to see if there’s a promotion that will help you include this expense into your vacation since inclusive beverage packages tend to run 2 people $700-900 per 7-day cruise! Consider also that this cost of the a la carte drinks will otherwise be added onto your tab throughout the duration of your cruise, and having this package can make for fewer unexpected surprises! Some folks enjoy more drinks like this while on vacation than they do at home.

Tip #2: Seasonal Considerations

While you definitely want to add travel insurance to your vacation in case of many types of things, hurricane season – as we all can see in full effect right now – can have a significant impact on travel if you’re vacationing in the Caribbean.  Hurricane season generally runs August through November each year. This is also a very inexpensive time to cruise if you want a great deal! 

Tip #3: Where do you want to go?

You definitely must consider where you’ve been, what you want to see, and what’s on your bucket list!

Cruises go just about everywhere! You can go to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, South Pacific (think Tahiti and Fiji), South America, Asia, Australia, the Mediterranean, the list goes on and on!

Tip #4: What type of experience do you want?

Luxury or Mainstream?
Party ship or sophisticated and quiet cruise?
Quick getaway or week long experience?
Diverse ages or less children?
American experience or European experience?
Large ship or small ship?
Budget or Luxury?
Local, regional, or international?
Adventurous or relaxing?
Romantic or Exciting?
Ocean cruise or river cruise? 
Drive to port or fly to port? 
Explore your port of departure before or after your cruise? 

Piggy Bank on beach vacation

Tip #5: What is your budget?

This is super important.  Some folks get a little weird when I ask, or they say, “I don’t have a budget.”  Most people do, and the reason I ask is that I want to make sure I present options that are within a comfortable range for you.

To some folks, $500 per person is comfortable, and for others, it could be $5000 per person. It really depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re comfortable with. When I ask, it is so I don’t waste your time or mine, and we can hone in on the RIGHT budgetary fit for your needs. 

These are among some of the important questions I’ll ask you while we plan your cruise. There are SO many options, it can be really hard to choose the right fit for you.  That’s why I am here to help.  

I love helping my clients discover more about the world and themselves, through meaningful and carefully crafted travel experiences!

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