Feature Friday: The Gift of Travel

closeup photo of baubles on christmas tree
Christmas tree photo courtesy of Chad Madden on Unsplash

The holiday season is just getting underway and with it comes many of our most beloved traditions.

Your holidays may be all about the food and preparing your favorite dishes together. You might spend this time of year searching for the perfect gift to show the people in their life how much you value them. Together, we focus on the feelings of the season: joy, peace, and gratitude.

assorted Christmas ornaments
Decorations courtesy of Jeshoots.com on Unsplash

The holidays give us the chance to reconnect with the ones we love and spend time in one another’s company. It’s something we look forward to as a break from our busy lives. It’s why our holiday moments are so special in the same way that spending time with the ones we love on vacation also holds a special place in our hearts.

If only there was a gift that you could give that offers you all more time and memories together…

Photo courtesy of KHM Travel Group

The gift of travel is the gift that lasts a lifetime. Whether your family prefers a beachy getaway, a trendy and cultural destination, or an adventure of a lifetime, Easy Breezy Journeys can craft the right vacation for you!

Not sure where you should go? Here are my top travel picks for 2022:

If you’re new to leaving the country, I’d recommend a sampler platter of travels by sailing the Caribbean Sea!

Explore the culture, beaches, waters, and new all-inclusive resorts of Mexico.

landmark photography of Chichen Itza, Mexico
Chichén itzá courtesy Marv Watson on Unsplash

Sail the Mediterranean with stops in Greece and the up-and-coming country of Croatia.

Photo courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Escape to the Dominican Republic, Cancun, Jamaica for spring break!

Photo courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Or get a head start on next year’s holiday season with a 2022 Christmas Market River Cruise. Now wouldn’t THAT be a most amazing way to spend the holiday stress free?!

Photo courtesy of KHM Travel Group

As we ring in the new year, a year with so much more possibility than 2020 or 2021 seemed to have for traveling, it’s time to finally say, “Yes!” to the trip you and your loved ones have been pining away to go on. The holidays are the best time to make it happen. After all, the gift of traveling together is one that keeps on giving.

Wishing you a merry everything and a happy always! Ready to plan your next vacation or getaway? If so, Easy Breezy Journeys is here to make it easy for you! Just click HERE to get started!

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