Feature Friday: Why you should take an All-Inclusive Vacation in 2021-2022

Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun
Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun (Photo via Travel Impressions)

You might be surprised to learn how well the all-inclusive resort market is flourishing, with companies such as Marriott & Wyndham expanding into the all-inclusive market with their new resorts! There are many good reasons for this growth to be happening, even now.

With an all-inclusive vacation, you get the luxury of not only a gorgeous, stunning resort if you’ve chosen carefully, but the relaxation of “already paid in full” – your drinks (including alcoholic ones), meals, snacks, and on site activities (minus maybe the spa – for example – at most properties). Truly a vacation from thinking about finances, paying for things, planning stuff, and making all the things happen.

When you consider the cost of a US beach vacation versus an all inclusive, consider the following:

ItemAll-Inclusive VacationUnited States Beach Vacation
AccommodationsLovely resorts and hotels with great service and cleanlinessRoll the dice or pay through the nose…. if we are being honest here
Meals, Snacks &
Delectable Desserts
Excellent restaurants, meals, food –
all included!
Find restaurants that everyone will like and pay as you go
(price unknown but could range$15-50 per person + taxes and tips per meal)
Beverages (all)All of them are included!Pay for every beverage one by one
ActivitiesMost include non-motorized
watersports & daily entertainment!
Go to the beach for free, pay for nearly everything
unless window shopping counts?
Kids ClubsMost properties offer no-cost kids clubs for the
grown ups to have
some select kid-free vacation time!
Unlikely, and if you do find it, it is really hard to
say what you’ll get there.
Adults-OnlyThis is something you can find! Not something you’ll find

It’s SO easy too! When you arrive in destination, you go through customs, get your luggage, and find your pre-arranged transfer company who should be waiting for you with clear instructions on where to go to find them. Hop in your transfer, and you’re zipped off to your resort, where you’ll be greeted, sometimes with a cool drink and even a cool towel for your neck in some places, like Club Med.

Even travelers who typically did not go to all-inclusive resorts before. Some brands are very family friendly while others cater to romantic getaways for adults, and some do both! Pandemic-related health and safety concerns have also played a role in the increasing popularity of all-inclusive resorts.

Most any reputable all-inclusive resort has taken extra precautions to sanitize, which alleviates stress some might have about traveling. You also get a sense of safety when staying at an all-inclusive, because you don’t need to leave the resort whatsoever, if you don’t want to, because they have so many activities and amenities right there!

The all-inclusive resort is like a bubble. A travel agent colleague of mine was recently in Jamaica at an all-inclusive during their lockdown. She said it was the best 3 days she has ever spent at an all-inclusive resort, because instead of running around touring, she relaxed, explored the resort, and even went sailing! The all-inclusive bubble felt great to her!

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Club Med Punta Cana’s Beach, photo courtesy of Club Med

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