Boston Globe says: Why your travel adviser is your new best friend

This article published by the Boston Globe on Tuesday is something I wanted to share with you – you can read it HERE, but in summary, what they are saying is these 5 points:

  1. When things go wrong (flights canceled, country or cruise shut down), etc. – it turns out better when you work with a Travel Professionals.
  2. The world has changed: rules and regulations vary by country, region, airline, cruise line, and hotel. It’s a lot to navigate between passports, visas, vaccinations, quarantines, and testing.
  3. Perks remain a key element – sometimes travel professionals can get you extra credits or amenities that a regular traveler can’t usually get on their own.
  4. Personal, human service. When working with a travel professional, your contact knows you, your trip, and the details. You are not a booking # and you don’t hold at a 1-800 number to see what sort of service you might get today.
  5. By working with a travel professional, you support small business, and also a family’s income. Most travel professionals are female and have families, but also have a great passion for travel.
  6. (my bonus point to add on!) Also by working with a travel professional, like Easy Breezy Journeys, you get an advocate if anything does not go as expected. Whether the issue is with the air, insurance, hotel, or tour, you have one point of contact whose best interest is to take care of YOU.

The article also mentions several travel industry affiliations, and the first one listed, Travel Leaders, I am a part of – so you can rest easy knowing that not only am I part of a great travel consortia (the group of agencies) but I am also under the umbrella of a larger travel company with thousands of agents across the US.

If you are ready to begin planning a trip for 2021-2023, now is a great time – I have time open in my schedule, so just reach out to me at

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