14 Top Value Caribbean Destinations

Would you like to get the most out of your vacation time and money? Here are some destinations in the Caribbean where you can get the most bang for your vacation buck to consider:

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Tropical beach resort with umbrellas and lounge chairs in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Photo via Preto_perola / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The Dominican Republic is one of the best value places to visit in the Caribbean anyway, but the Punta Cana area offers beautiful all-inclusive resorts that offer value beyond many others. This beach destination is also quite close to the airport, so it’s convenient to get to. I happen to love Punta Cana!

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Aerial view on beautiful Caribbean beach and pier in Montego Bay, Jamaica island. (lucky-photographer / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Montego Bay, Jamaica is another amazing destination with a short drive from the airport, & also happens to be one that attracts families as well as romance seekers, anyone looking for all-inclusive fun. Jamaican hospitality is uniquely warm, and the beaches range from good to great depending on where you stay.


Carlisle Bay, Antigua (Photo via Mariette Williams)

Antigua is known for its 365 gorgeous beaches — 1 for each day of the year! This upscale island offers plenty of great value lodging options as well as luxury resorts.

La Romana, Dominican Republic

Sunrise at Bayahibe beach with smooth water, La Romana, Dominican Republic (Photo via HT-Pix / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

La Romana could be the most affordable destination in the Dominican Republic, but that’s only because it’s further away from the country’s largest airport.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun beach with hotels. (photo viapawel.gaul / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Cancun, Mexico is one of the most affordable airfare from the US locations and offers a wide range of well priced hotel rates around. Mexico also tends to have so many properties to choose from, so you can often book a resort with luxurious amenities for a price you can’t get anywhere else!

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Runaway Bay, Jamaica. (photo via Flickr/Chris Parker)

Runaway Bay, Jamaica is further from the Montego Bay airport, but the values here can be exceptional. You’ll also find the same white sand beaches and perfectly clear waters here as you do in other Jamaican destinations like Negril.


A catamaran anchored near a tropical coral reef in Belize. (photo via Jordan Edgcomb/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Belize should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a Caribbean destination where you can get a ton of value. It’s an absolutely stunning destination too!

Nassau, Bahamas

Long stretch of Paradise Island, located in Nassau, Bahamas. (Photo via fallbrook/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Nassau is a highly visited cruise port, as well as a popular destination for tourists who want a quick flight from Florida and even though the exclusive Atlantis Resort is located in this area, rates in this oceanfront area can actually be pretty affordable.


A beautiful bay with colorful architecture in Curacao, one of the Lesser Antilles islands in the Caribbean Sea. (photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/Marina113)

Think of Curacao as the more affordable Dutch cousin of nearby Aruba. The beaches are beautiful, and there is a lot more culture than you’ll find on, say, Aruba’s Palm Beach.

Limon, Costa Rica

Black beach at Cahuita, Limon, Costa Rica. (photo via Simon Dannhauer/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

The Limon Province of Costa Rica offers travelers a gorgeous location along the Caribbean Sea, yet it’s flanked by lush tropical forests with unbelievable wildlife.

Cozumel, Mexico

A beach in Cozumel, Mexico. (Photo via canbalci / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Cozumel is one of the most value-packed destinations to visit in the entire country of Mexico, and this is true whether you prefer a regular hotel or all-inclusive.


Surfing in Bathsheba. (photo via Barbados Tourism Marketing)

Staying on the Platinum Coast of Barbados is a more luxurious price point, but elsewhere on the island is a lot more affordable.


Grand Anse Bay, Grenada (photo via Flavio Vallenari / E+ Royalty-free Getty Images)

The island of Grenada is tropical, lush and mysterious. However, this flourishing natural paradise doesn’t have to break the bank. Plenty of beachfront properties in towns like St. Patrick and Grand Anse are priced very well!

Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas beach in Trinidad and Tobago (Photo via Altinosmanaj / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Within the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad is an industrial hub, and Tobago is known for its unspoiled beauty. This Caribbean destination is also incredibly affordable.

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