9 Ireland Vacation Considerations

There’s just no sense in recreating the wheel here. A fabulous resource for travel information is our well-known travel man himself, Rick Steves. He provides tremendous resources you can review at your leisure if you’d like to consider a trip to Ireland.

This will help you figure out what you want to do and see when you go!

#1 Places in Ireland

There are so many more than just Dublin and the few very popular spots you see in all the photos.

#2 Explore the regions of Ireland

On the page you’ll aso find a bit of an outline of the various regions, for example, Dublin, the Dingle Peninsula, and the Aran Islands – a bit less heard of but stunning!

#3 Plans for your trip

When you book, you have the leisurely option of a guided tour, or the free-wheeling option to do a self-drive tour (on the left side of the road of course) and this section of the page will help you figure out what you want to see, so we can plan your PERFECT Ireland Itinerary!

#4 Dream about Your Trip by Reading & Watching about Ireland!

Here’s a great list of things to read & watch!

#5 When to go to Ireland

Courtesy of Rick Steves Ireland

You may wish to avoid November to February but there’s many times it’s a good time to go! Check this page to learn more and we’re here to help you navigate this as well!

#6 What’s happening in Ireland, and When?

There’s so much to do in Ireland, but when are the upcoming festivals & holidays? Click here to check that out!

#7 Rail & Train tips for Ireland

Rail passes are not best in every trip, so it’s good to understand where it may be beneficial by checking out this guide.

#8 Want to Listen about Ireland instead of Watching or Reading?

You can check out other resources under the “Listen” tab here.

#9 Photos and Forums

Check out even more about Ireland by checking out the latest resources, photos, blogs, and forums near the bottom of this page!

Rick Steves’ main Ireland page can be found here: https://www.ricksteves.com/europe/ireland

Photo Courtesy of Rick Steves Ireland

No doubt our friend Rick Steves’ has an incredible resource list for you, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I have lots of friends, some of whom have lived or are from the Emerald Isle, so just ask! I’ll find out for you!

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