5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Cruise

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I hope you’re enjoying this week!  I’d like to introduce you to my revamped brand – Easy Breezy Journeys!

The photo above is my new logo and I decided last year to work on this because so many people would ask me, “Do you book more than just cruises?” – The Answer is most definitely YES! My website is still in the works, but be on the lookout for that hopefully by the summer. 

This week I wanted to share with you my best 5 tips for choosing your next … or even first cruise itinerary!


Sandy Switzer, Travel Professional
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Tips for Choosing Your Cruise Itinerary

When you think about your next cruise vacation, what questions pop into your mind before you even decide which cruise line or even which destination to choose, much less the specific sailing, ship within that cruise line or even various ports of call within a particular destination?

This week I’d love to talk to you about the first part in any cruise decision-making process, which for me is going to be choosing a cruise itinerary.  

Consider Areas with Many Itinerary Options

Let’s say you want to go to the Caribbean. Okay, easy enough, right? Or is it? Some cruise lines can only go to the popular ports of call due to ship size, or they simply don’t visit certain ports of call.

There are 3 major areas for Caribbean sailings: Eastern, Western, or Southern. So let’s say you already know that the Western Caribbean means Mexico, Central America, and sometimes Jamaica. Within many Caribbean itineraries, you’ll find variety as to which islands or ports of call you may be able to visit. 

Consider mixing land with cruising

So just the Caribbean Cruise has a lot of options. But what if you want to do an Alaskan Cruise? If so, have you ever heard of a CruiseTour? That’s a land and sea combination trip.

One cruise line is wildly popular for their Alaskan CruiseTours because they’ve been doing Alaska by Sea for over 50 years, and they’ve even got their own land based lodges. 

By the way, you can also do CruiseTours in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand!  There are probably many others, but those come to mind. The photo above is in Australia.

There are many other considerations, so reach out so we can do a complimentary consultation to get you started! Sandy@EasyBreezyJourneys.com or text/call 704-625-6662.

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