5 Myths about Travel Agents You’ll Want to Forget About

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Planning your dream vacation might sound easy, but using a travel agent makes it way easier.

Forget any stereotypes that no one uses travel agents or that they don’t exist anymore. Focus on why trusting today’s modern travel agent is much easier than a DIY (do-it-yourself) vacation. Here are 5 travel agent myths: debunked.

Myth #1 Using a Travel Agent means doing things the “old school” way

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False. The travel industry, including travel agents, embraces new technology & functionalities like any other industry. Because the travel industry depends on the health of the world to be successful, having an eco-friendly mindset is more important than ever, so paper itineraries and tickets aren’t as common anymore (unless you want them), and many travel agents (Easy Breezy Journeys included) use email, texts & Facebook Messenger when communicating with clients. You might not even have to meet your travel agent in person – you can plan a whole itinerary via digital communication! This is actually how many of Easy Breezy Journey’s clients prefer it!

Myth #2 Booking with a travel agent is expensive and time-consuming

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False. Does researching your entire trip and then booking your own flight, hotel, transportation, entertainment, dining & excursions really sound all that easy, especially given today’s ever-changing travel requirements and rules? Also think about what happens if your flight gets delayed, more people join your trip, or there were hidden fees on that “sweet deal” you found online?

Sure, travel agents make a small commission for your trip, but that is paid by the supplier we’re booking with – not by the traveler (that’s you). If you’re already purchasing it on your own, wouldn’t it make sense to work with a professional who can enhance your trip by a few degrees or talking to the right person?

Travel agents spend time learning your travel preferences, researching destinations & airlines, fact-checking & curating personalized itineraries for you. Ultimately, working with a travel agent will save you an incredible amount of time, and what is more valuable than your own time?

While many travel agents in today’s world, especially after Covid came alone, are now charging a fee for their services, this is still likely to save you headaches, confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty, and missed things you didn’t know you should know or check before traveling. Not to mention that long hold time to the 800 number if anything goes wrong, you have a question, or a concern.

Myth #3 Talking to a Travel Agent is like working with salespeople

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False. Many travel agents have previous experience in other fields before they became travel professionals, so we get it. Travel agent backgrounds can be as various as police officers, teachers & journalists to later discover their passion & purpose in the world of travel & hospitality. Travel agents are genuinely excited to work with you because of the real conversations that lead to uncovering your vacation styles, hopes and dreams to achieve the ultimate vacation, over and over. Our goal isn’t to end our relationship with you after selling you an epic adventure, but rather be your go-to guide, for every vacation you take moving forward.

Myth #4 Traveling with groups or longer than average trips is the only time using a travel agent is worth it

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False. Sure, working with a travel agent to successfully book the honeymoon of your dreams or a multi-generation trip is great. But the same satisfaction can – and should – be felt by using one for even the simplest of vacations. What if you booked a trip to Europe in August to find out most tourist hot-spots and local businesses are closed for holiday? Travel agents can tell you which seasons are best and worst in low-key places as well as arrange your transportation in destination, find hidden fees and cancellation policies, tell you what type of crowd is joining your two week cruise and so much more.

Myth #5 Travel agents are extinct since everything is user-friendly & easy to DIY

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False. The travel industry is booming & it’s because everything is user-friendly and DIY. Travel agents often take familiarization trips (FAM trips) to new or renovated resorts, tour cruise ships, and attend virtual tours or webinars so we know what our clients can expect when enjoying a particular vacation experience. This gives us special access that an every day traveler doesn’t get, or even necessarily need. This insider information gives agents additional knowledge and expertise to use when working with clients.

Remember the Hawaii volcano eruptions everyone was freaking out about in May 2018? Well…they were happening in a very small area on the east side of Hawaii Island, and it was totally fine to travel to Hawaii. Major news outlets didn’t tell you that, but your travel agent could have. And now of course we have Covid, and its ever-changing details about travel requirements, vaccinations, tests, and more.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of a situation that could potentially affect travel is what you go to your travel agent for. They are plugged into that information, whether that’s negative destination headlines or advisories, a changing TSA regulation or travel regulations and policies per country. You can’t always find the most up to date, official accurate info on your own.

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