5 Cruise Myths Busted

Today, I’m Breaking 5 Cruise Myths – Do You believe any of these?

#1 – I’ll Get Bored on A Cruise

While even short cruises might have 1-2 sea days, there’s so much to do onboard! Think of your cruise ship as a floating hotel + downtown + the beach without the sand!

For example, Royal Caribbean’s new Wonder of the Seas ship features: 8 unique neighborhoods, AquaTheater shows, Playscape waterslide areas, climbing walls, games, FlowRider, Ultimate Abyss waterslide, Spa, Fitness Center, Shopping, Ice Skating Shows, Music Hall live music, Kids Clubs, Teen spaces, Karaoke, Art Auctions, Fitness Classes, Sport Court, Solarium (adults only), Mini golf, Comedy shows, Casino, Arcade, Carousel, & Ziplining! Not to mention dozens of dining & bar options! See more photos below, courtesy of Royal Caribbean:

Bored? I think not! Next up…. claustrophobia!

#2 – I don’t like to feel trapped or confined.

Being confined is the last thing you’ll feel – especially if you do not take an interior stateroom. Many first time cruisers will take an interior room, but don’t do it! Ocean view maybe but I always recommend balcony! Super worth it!

The largest cruise ships on earth boast more than a dozen pools, span the length of several football fields, and in one case, include it’s own sprawling version of Central Park. Regardless of the size, cruise ships are designed to prevent passengers from feeling confined. If you think you’ll feel claustrophobic, we can walk through the virtual tours that many cruise lines now offer on their websites, and get feedback on what feels comfortable to you.

If you are concerned about personal cabin space, I definitely suggest booking that balcony stateroom, or at least a more spacious cabin. If square footage is a concern, I can help you find a good fit.

If you’re unsure about spending extended periods of time onboard, I can recommend a sailing itinerary that includes a port of call every day. Something like a voyage in the Mediterranean or a river cruise both offer more time in destination.

#3 – Fear of Seasickness

Cruise ships have stabilizers in most cases that will normally prevent any severe rocking of the ship. The larger the ship is, the less you’d feel its movement.

I can suggest for you a location onboard that is going to help you feel the least movement – even in the event of some rough seas, but if you want to be on the safe side, avoid hurricane season or travel during the calmer season depending on where you are going.

Personally, I do get seasick (without medication) and LOVE to cruise – and though the sea waves don’t bother me, in fact, I find them a little fun so long as it’s not much rough seas, the little behind the ear patch you can get from your doctor, and it may be worth having with you during your first cruise.

#4 – Fear of Feeling out of place

The good news is that there is a cruise for everyone – that’s a main theme of the annual National Plan a Cruise Month campaign.

Don’t want to be around a bunch of kids? Easy – go for a cruise line that markets less to families, adults-only areas, or other options! Bars & club Fans? No worries! Shoot for a cruise line that appeals to your kind of traveler!

Don’t want assigned dining? Norwegian’s got you covered with freestyle dining! There’s so many options, really – the sky is the limit!

#5 – Concerns about Not Seeing/Doing Something New

Cruising is a great way to see even MORE of something new than a land vacation, if I’m being honest! I like to call it the “sampler platter of travel”.

Every traveler has different goals and interests when it comes to their vacations. Some might be satisfied with browsing for rum balls in the port’s souvenir shops or snorkeling during port days, but others might prefer tours. Some have traveled the world, and others have never left their home state. So the ports of call, cruise lengths, what to see and do – totally depends on what you’d like!

There is so much more to booking a cruise than most people think, which is why a travel Professional’s skills and knowledge can be so valuable.

Want to start planning your next cruise – or first cruise? I’d be thrilled to help! Reach out to me at Sandy@EasyBreezyJourneys.com to get started!

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