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To online booking engines, you are simply another reservation in their system. To me, you are an important client with specific interests, needs, and a carefully crafted wish list. When we begin planning your trip together, I listen, and I care. I offer advice and suggestions tailored specifically to you using my training and experience.

Travel Agents are Vacation Architects

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I am not just a travel agent…I am a vacation architect. We discuss your trip “blueprints” together and then I construct a vacation you’ll remember and reminisce about for years to come.

Vacation Renovation: Upgrades!

Take your standard vacation plans and upgrade them with special finishing touches:


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After a long day of navigating airports and flying, why not minimize your drive time and maximize your fun with the convenience of a private transfer? Instead of a shared vehicle with multiple stops, you’ll arrive at your destination faster and start your vacation sooner. To kick it up a notch, get there in style via luxury sedan or limousine.


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Creative cuisine and numerous restaurants are often a vacation highlight but planning unique dining while traveling helps mark special occasions or simply celebrate being away together! Chef’s table dining, candlelight dinners on the beach, or room service on the balcony overlooking a setting sun are just a few ideas!


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It’s not just about getting to your destination…it’s also about getting out in your destination! Think outside the box and tailor your trip with the extra activities that make it memorable: a swim with stingrays, a private tour of indigenous ruins, a day of hiking, or a cooking lesson can spark cultural awareness, your inner sense of adventure, shared laughs, and bonding over a new activity.


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Why gaze out over a parking lot or stretch of trees when you can overlook a white sandy beach, a lush mountainside, or captivating Alaskan wildlife? Spending a little extra for that amazing room/stateroom with a view can elevate even the smallest vacation moments, like drinking your coffee or lounging with a book.

An Itinerary That Suits Your Interests

Photography Enthusiasts might enjoy an Avalon Waterways River Cruise on the Rhine & others.

Rhine & Rhône Revealed (Southbound)
Courtesy of Avalon Waterways

Award winning photographers educate passengers in improving their photography skills through presentations and in-field assistance, all with stunning Europe as the perfect subject.

Interested in Jewish Heritage?

Jewish Heritage excursion in Vienna, Austria
Courtesy UniWorld Boutique River Cruises

You might learn more than you can imagine aboard a Uniworld Jewish Heritage Cruise on the Danube & in Prague. Touring museums, memorials, and synagogues provides an opportunity to explore and reflect on Germany’s complex history while developing an appreciation for the strength and spirit of the Jewish people.

Love Classical Music? Then you might really have a wonderful time enjoying AmaWaterways’ “A Celebration of Classical Music: The Danube” River Cruise from Budabest to Vienna, here’s more about that:

Courtesy of AmaWaterways

Immerse yourself in the classical masterpieces of some of history’s most renowned composers while sailing through Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Your vacation should feel like you: your personality, your interests, and your style. When you think of your travel agent as your vacation architect, you’re working with someone who wants to craft a dream vacation with you in mind.

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