Which Airline Offers the Best Prices in 1st Class?

A group called Upgraded Points conducted a 2023 study on the least versus most affordable airlines for flying first class, and I found the results most interesting and wanted to share. Here’s what they’ve found:

By Airline, cost to upgrade per ticket (from economy to 1st)

  • Delta is the most expensive for first class generally speaking, at a price difference of $285
  • Alaska Airlines is the 2nd most expensive at a difference of $282
  • United is 3rd most expensive at $251
  • American Airlines comes in 4th around $236

By Route, cost to upgrade per ticket (from economy to 1st)

Image Credit: Upgraded Points

First class is great to experience, but often comes with a lofty price tag. Overall most of them cost, one way, about $260 or about $520 round trip. But to me, it really depends on how important the extra space and service are to each person, and how flexible their budget is, paired with length of trip and time of day. But it’s a very personal decision!

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