What Support Do Travel Advisors Offer in Hurricane Season?

Technically, Hurricane Season is half of the year.

Photo courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November, which is quite a long stretch of the calendar to be concerned about your travel plans. Even with the threat of potential bad weather, these months are extremely popular for vacations because of summer vacations, honeymoons, and potentially reduced rates during peak hurricane months.

Before Travel: Recommend Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance with your package helps protect your vacation investment, even if you might be disappointed by rescheduling that much-needed break from work! Good plans will include coverage for hurricane warning in destination, and since hurricanes are typically predicted, this works well in the favor of the wise traveler who takes my recommendation.

Before & During Travel: Monitor the weather’s impact on your vacation

When we know a hurricane could disrupt your travel plans, we keep a close eye on NOAA updates along with announcements and advisories from tour companies, resorts, and cruise lines. This allows us to provide you with your options in the event we must change plans.

Before or During Travel: Change or cancel your reservations

Here’s a major perk to you: you have one person dedicated to you and your travel plans means you’re more than just a reservation number without being bounced around a call center or waiting on endless holds as thousands of other travelers work to change their plans, and no worrying about the dirty details. I do all of that for you! And plenty of this went on when Covid shut down cruising and I had a group of cruisers who had just arrived in Florida!

Before, During & After Travel: Care

I genuinely care about each one of my clients. First and foremost, I want you to be safe, and then really enjoy your time away. I will do everything possible to make sure that all arrangements go smoothly so you can relax. If things don’t work out, I’ll do my best to get you back in the sky or on the ship for a future vacation once the skies have cleared!

As Your Trusted Travel Advisor, I’m on Your Side

Keep in mind that when you deal directly with a travel company, such as an airline, cruise line, or hotel/resort, their loyalty is to their company, and sometimes the traveler too, but I’m always on your side first.

Hurricane season is difficult to avoid, but when working with a travel advisor who advocates for your safety and travel plans, you can relax a bit knowing you’re in capable hands.

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