Travel Tip Tuesday: What to Expect Cruising in 2022

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Cruising is different but here are a few pointers as you return to cruising.

Vaccinations & Testing

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Many cruise lines require you to be fully vaccinated to travel, and also before embarkation have a negative Covid test before sailing within a designated period of time since it’s an ever-changing situation.

Test types and time frames may be changing, but as your travel agent, I’ll help you know what to expect.

What to Expect at Embarkation

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It has become more important than ever to be organized as you arrive at the cruise port. Most cruise lines offer a cruise app to help you complete your online check in, and some now offer the Guest Safety Briefing, the Health Questionnaire, as well as conduct/safety/health information on the app as well. Do your online check in 30+ days before you travel to make things easier.

Most also now provide an arrival time for you, to help with social distancing and making embarkation and the new requirements easier and smoother sailing.

Sanitation Plus Plus!

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Cruise lines were always better than most vacation destinations at sanitation, but all have made substantial changes to keep their guests safe. Some improvements may include air filtration, increased cleaning staff and measures, more frequent cleaning, and more sanitation stations.

Around Cruise Ships

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Hand sanitizer is everywhere. Most of the time fully vaccinated guests don’t have to wear masks, but many shore destinations will require you wear them indoors.

Of course, you can expect to see social distancing measures in public spaces across the ships, but every cruise line will vary a bit.

Rather than hand shaking, smiles, fist or elbow bumps are the new social hello!

Dining Changes

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Table sizes might be a little more limited to help prevent too many at one table. Some cruise lines are using digital menus on their apps as well, to reduce paper waste since those must be disposed after one use.

Going into Port

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Destinations, as do everything else, all have their own rules and regulations, so those constantly change nowadays too. Cruise lines are all monitoring those changes, and will keep you posted if they change last minute during your cruise and of course in advance too.

Most ports now allow independent touring if you are fully vaccinated, but some locations require a “bubble tour” – which is a specifically curated experience with high levels of health protocols on board to protect you and those who live in your destination.

Buses for tours will have less guests than before, and you’ll need to sanitize your hands as you enter the bus, wear a mask on the bus, and guides will all be following protocols too.

It’s suggested that you always carry your vaccination certificate with you while you travel in port, just in case you enter a venue and are required to show one.

Cruise Completion

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You might need to do a few things at the conclusion of your wondrous journey, such as fill out a form about your health, take another test, and double check if you need to quarantine when you return home.

Cruise ship staff are well versed in all things cruising during Covid times, so never fear if you have a question on board, or you can message your friendly travel agent for some personal assistance!

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