Travel Tip Tuesday: Get Global Entry!

Long Lines at Customs: Paul Richards, a Virgin Atlantic flight guest into JFK NYC – waited in very long lines for customs on November 8, 2021.

As reported by USA today as the November 8 floodgates opened to allow international travelers to enter the US for the first time in quite a long while, they reported that the lines will be long, and that there’s “no sense” getting upset, the lines will remain.

People from dozens of counties began to our in after 600+ days banned. That’s 86 weeks, almost 20 months! Families expanded with babies born, and so much time has passed.

Enter the problem: staffing shortages

Until Monday afternoon when international arrivals began to increase heavily, JFK (pictured above) was smooth sailing, but now people are reporting having to wait up to 2 hours to get through.

People have observed that the US may be open, but unfortunately like so many other industries, the Covid shutdowns have caused many to be at home collecting unemployment and the staff are short and need more help to get people through.

Changes affect most air travelers

Many travelers are also finding it’s not as easy to travel, depending on how available the required Covid-19 testing is in their home country, but if you’re going to an all-inclusive resort, for example, in the Caribbean – many resorts offer on site testing to help you do this easily and without too much effort and have your results when needed.

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GET that global entry and get it ASAP if you plan to travel by air outside the country in the next few years.

My Global Entry Story

I can share my pre-Covid experience with Global entry. It’s not available at every entry airport but when it’s there, it is amazing, and most major airports do have it. I have used it at Charlotte as well as Baltimore Washington International (BWI). I was on a travel agent trip with some folks I knew. We landed in BWI. I had global entry, and a friend of mine from the trip did not. She waited in line for 90 minutes, and I was at a restaurant for lunch on the other side of customs in 5 minutes.

What’s difference between TSA precheck and Global entry?

See the source image
Global Entry Kiosks courtesy of Los Angeles Times

$15 & process. Both last 5 years, but TSA Pre-Check is $85 and for only $15 more at $100 you can get your Global Entry, but TSA entry only helps you domestically, but Global entry gives you the VIP / Short line to re-enter the country. It’s not a hard process either. You have to go online, fill out some forms, wait for your confirmation, then book and attend an appointment at a local major airport. Worth it? TOTALLY!

Getting started with Global Entry:
Global Entry Eligibility:
How to Apply for Global Entry:

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