Travel Tip Tuesday: Can a Travel Professional Benefit You?

The short answer: Yes.

Travel professionals are like having a secret weapon in your back pocket when it comes to travel. When the internet offers thousands of options (websites, destinations, hotels, resorts, transportation options, tours, etc), it can be tough to cut through options to find a great one for you.

If you have never worked with a travel professional before, you might not know why you’d want to use one, what, or how the benefits of hiring professional help might benefit you!

Complexity Takes Time – How Valuable is Yours?

Travel sure is exciting and fun, but the planning can be, depending on your trip, rather time consuming, stressful, and beyond complex! So you can “phone your travel advisor” friend and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

So what exactly is a Travel Professional or Travel Advisor & how does working with one benefit you?

A Travel Professional uses their expertise (in person as well as educational knowledge) and resources (via our internal resources or via our network of agents) to curate vacations for their clients, travelers like you!

Who do you call when…. (fill in the blank)?

Travel Professionals are the go-to person when a traveler has a goal to immerse themselves in unfamiliar cultures & places (plus also familiar ones), connect with the world & do so with value add-ons that are often only available through travel advisors.

Travel advisors are experts in various travel areas or types of travel around the world, with most focusing on specific niches like destination weddings, group travel and multi-generational/family travel.

As for Easy Breezy Journeys, my specialties lie in adults-only all-inclusive, romance travel, ocean & river cruises alike, Ireland as well as my all-time most interesting destination, Israel, or the Holy Land.

What are other reasons to use a Travel Advisor?

Preventing Mistakes

Where to begin? There are so many reasons you benefit from working with a travel advisor. If you were booking that once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trip to Fiji, Tahiti, the Holy Land, or a world Cruise, or even just a first time trip somewhere you don’t know as much about, you wouldn’t want to make costly mistakes.

Personal, Custom Assistance (You’re not a reservation number)

When you work with a Travel Professional like me or any other Professional in the industry who specializes in your destination, we’ll be by your side from the point of thinking about booking until you return home.

Passion for Travel

Travel Professionals are passionate about sharing the world with as many people as possible. In fact, the Easy Breezy Journeys Motto is:


That Special Sauce & Stuff

Besides all that, there can be a lot of ins and outs of less well traveled destinations, exclusive experiences, special dining opportunities, as well as special land and sea tours!

It Can be the Little Things

Not to mention, whether you just need documents printed if you have no printer, we help you navigate matching your preferences with the available inventory and also pairing that up with the best options to match your travel dreams.

Or the Bigger Things!

Also, should you or a member of your party need special assistance from the airline, a particular room amenity, a resort than can accommodate a group, a hotel that’s close to or on the beach or ensuring that the resort can handle a certain dietary requirement, a travel advisor is able to take care of these things for you.

FAQs and More

Have you ever planned a trip and had questions? How about now post-Covid’s entry to the travel scene? Travel Professionals are personally available to answer concerns, questions, and issues that may come up before, during or after you travel.

If, God forbid, something goes wrong, who do you want to call? Probably not Ghostbusters and probably not 1-800-HOLD-FOR-AN-HOUR. Travel advisors work hard in these situations to turn your experience around. With connections, tools, people, and businesses all over the world, Professionals have resources for this very reason, including many that you as a traveler may not have.

Who Could Benefit the Most from Using a Travel Advisor?

To be 100% transparent, most travelers. Tell your travel pro where you want to go, what you want to see and do, travel budget and style of travel, and we’ll help you navigate it from that point. But, if you’d like some specifics on who would benefit more so? Here you are:

Single parents

Single parents are typically especially busy, but that doesn’t mean they should skip out on a fun vacation! Plus an advisor is there to do everything for them, saving tons of that valuable time with the kiddos at home.

Couples who want a Destination Wedding

I would advise you to not try to do this on your own. Not only would a Destination Wedding Specialist help save you money, and I know several AMAZING specialists in this area, but there are a lot of details other than the wedding, such as your clothing – so focus on getting ready and let a pro handle the rest. Need a referral? Email me. 🙂

Very busy people

Very busy people just don’t have time and I don’t want to see you end up with some terrible experience. It could literally a few emails to an advisor in order for them to plan an entire vacation for you.

Travelers with Complicated Itineraries

Let’s say you want to island-hop Hawaii, visit multiple European Countries, or do something very unique. Hiring a Pro makes the dream come true while it’s easy for you!

Travelers with Accessibility needs

If you have accessibility needs while traveling like a wheelchair, scooter, need to bring special supplies, such as refrigerated insulin, or need an accessible hotel room, strict dietary needs or sensory needs, the best and easiest way is to hire an advocate to ensuring a successful travel experience is a travel advisor, and many specialize in accessible travel.

Travelers heading to a Brand New Destination

If you’ve never been somewhere or are going somewhere exotic like Australia, New Zealand, Asia, etc, a travel advisor can help you know what to expect and, even more importantly, how to pack!

Travelers with a Language Barrier

If you are going to a place and don’t speak their local language, travel professionals can either arrange tours that don’t require you to, or ways to work around this challenge. Odds are that signs, hotels and menus won’t be in your language so if anyone can arrange the help you could need, it’s a travel professional!

Solo travelers for the 1st Time

A travel professional puts safety and security first, so if it’s your first time traveling on your own, a travel advisor can be a safety net or give you great travel tips to help you navigate.

Travelers Who Want a Long Term Travel Plan

Those looking to build a bucket list and plan might like to grow a relationship with their advisor, mapping out a rough idea of future trips that can be planned easier every time – this is the ideal way to work if you have a huge, wanderlust-worthy bucket list!

Want to get started? Email me at or call/text 704-625-6662! Go the Easy Breezy Journeys Way!

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