Travel Tip Tuesday: 9 Tips for Travelers with High Cholesterol

Traveling usually means resort or cruise breakfasts, buffet dinners, cocktails, & other delightful tasting foods — enjoyable, but travelers with high cholesterol – they may need to consider their health along with their travel plans.

#1 Book Smart

Before Booking Travel, try to get a place that has a basic or efficiency kitchen at a minimum so you can keep some healthy breakfast on hand as well as snacks.

Photo: Person Booking Travel by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

#2 Cushion Your Time

To avoid stress, don’t be late and add a few extra minutes time because stress can increase bad cholesterol but relaxation increases good cholesterol. While you’re at it, if you can, get yourself a massage on vacation!

#3 Include Comfortable Shoes & Stay Active

Take great walking shoes and use the fitness centers, exercise classes, and pools to stay active, or even try some family fun like walking on the beach, hiking, bike-riding, playing catch, Frisbee, etc.

Photo: People Walking on the Beach by Trent Haaland on Unsplash

#4 Packing Your Prescriptions Right

Pack your medications in your carry on bag – just in case it gets lost, or in case of a delayed or canceled flight.

#5 Long Flight Tips

Pick an aisle seat to walk often to prevent deep vein thrombosis, stretch, & wear compression socks.

Photo: Airplane by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

#6 Eating Out

Check menus in advance of your trip or next stop to see where there may be lower fat, higher fiber meals available, and avoid fried food, desserts, and alcohol. You could also ask for a smaller portion, or a salad over french fries.

#7 Healthy Snacking

Carry healthy snacks to help you avoid things you shouldn’t eat as well as water. If you’re going by road trip, you could make it easy to pack a cooler up with water, fruit or low fat snacks like celery, carrots, hummus, and pita. Avoid getting too hungry – which is when we are at our weakest.

#8 Mind the Time

Keep your home time zone in mind versus where you’re going – to stay on the right timing for your medications.

Photo: Pocket Watch by Veri Ivanova on Unsplash

#9 Keep Prescription Information Handy

Carry your doctor’s phone number, prescription name and dose, as well as pharmacy information in case your medication gets lost.

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