Travel Restrictions Lifting in Europe

Today 6/4/2020 I saw a travel agents update that indicates Italy, Germany, and other European countries are about to begin to lift some of their travel restrictions – for Europeans.

Rialto Bridge, Venezia, Italy – Photo by Rebe Adelaida on Unsplash

Italy – lifted restrictions for Europeans without a 14 day quarantine and Italians are now allowed to move freely between regions. Facing the worst recessions since the 2nd World War, Italy has been locked down for 3 months and so the airline Alitalia has announced they will be increasing airlift 36% more than in May starting now in June. Also high speed train travel has been restored and they are checking passenger temperatures.

Germany is said to be lifting travel warnings for Europeans beginning on June 15, but will advised against travel to countries where quarantine rules are still in effect.

Austria is lifting all their border restrictions except to Italy today 6/4. Bordering 8 countries, they were going to wait until 6/15 alongside Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein… but have moved it up.

France plans to open borders up on June 15. However they are saying French citizens who go outside the country will be subject to a 2 week quarantine at their return time.

The UK is said to be imposing a 14-day quarantine on folks arriving into the country. Although it’s been met with a lot of criticism because they are saying it’s too late to start doing that to have any help to the crisis.

The Faroe Islands are said to be opening on June 15 – partially, 200+ flights opening up via Air Portugal, Greece is not going to require testing or quarantine for tourists this coming summer, and Slovenia is beginning to end their border controls since their epidemic is trending strongly towards ending.

Meanwhile, some cruise lines are extending further delays to re-starting operations while some are getting ready to sail in August.

Of course, you never know when any or all of this may change, but I hope this finds you well, healthy, safe, and secure. I also pray and hope you, your families, and friends are in good spirits. We might be apart but let’s stay together as much as we can in loving one another as fellow human beings. Be well and God bless you!

All the Best,

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