Tips for Planning a Group​ Getaway
Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Vacations are perfectly pleasant when traveling with your favorite person, but when you travel with a group of friends, coworkers, or extended family members, the fun is awesomely amplified!

Coordinating travel dates, choosing a destination, and picking between resorts or cruise itineraries can be challenging with several opinions involved, but working with a travel advisor eases this stress!

Travel professionals guide groups of any size through the planning process by leading discussions, offering guidance with budget and travel dates, and curating a list of options based on your wish list.

Once the plans are secured, it’s all about excitedly preparing for travel and having a blast in destination! The fun is truly multiplied!

Make plans far in advance.

Group plans often take longer to come together. Allow plenty of time to discuss, choose, and book reservations.
Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Discuss the budget and who is paying.

Choosing a vacation that is within budget for all travelers sets the tone at the start of the planning process. If certain people are paying for others, it should be discussed before research is done and decisions are made.

Choose a leader and delegate tasks.

Travel advisors want one contact person when coordinating travel for more than one family. It simplifies communication and creates better work flow. The leader should delegate tasks to family members that want to assist with the plans.

Consider limitations of the group.

Special needs like mobility issues, health considerations, and ages of travelers should be addressed right away when planning and weighing options.
Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Discuss childcare and the children’s schedules in advance.

Establishing boundaries for babysitting and expectations/needs for the kiddos’ schedules is essential to a fun vacation.

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