Thirsty Thursday: Mango Caipirinha (the one with liquor)

Mango Caipirinha | Lemonade recipes, Food and drink, Fun cocktails
Mango Caipirinha courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of our friends at Disney Cruise Line again, a great cocktail recipe for you:

0.5 oz Mango Puree
3 oz Leblon Cachaca (spiced rum)
1/4 oz agave nectar syrup
4 lime wedges
Crushed ice

1. Take the lime wedges, agave nectar, mango puree, and muddle in glass
2. Add crushed ice and mix together
3. Pour into tall glass
4. Add the Cachaca
5. Serve with fresh lime wheel/wedge

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Passion Fruit CaipiriƱas
Courtesy of Goya

See Disney’s original post by clicking here.

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