Sustainable Travel 101

3 Starting Points to Begin the Conversation

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Have you noticed more green-themed marketing campaigns & news articles recently about all things Sustainable? Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year, & the entire month shines a spotlight on eco-friendly initiatives.

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I think also when Covid-19 shut down so much of our transportation, and the world saw the incredible positive impact of everyone being around home, and going into offices & stores less, it really made clear how very self-healing our earth can be if only we all try do do our part.

The travel industry has a huge impact on our planet’s resources, & so environmental responsibility is something that should be encouraged all year long.

What is Sustainable Travel?

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At first glance, ecotourism might look like a narrow sliver in the travel industry pie. But the principles of sustainable travel go beyond the obvious stays at jungle resorts and nature-based activities. It’s a concept that can and should be applied no matter the travel type or location.

At a bare minimum, sustainable travel means considering ways to reduce the impact (negative, that is) on the peoples and places we visit. At the very best, sustainability means using travel to have a very positive impact on our environment & the communities around the globe that we interact with.

How to Engage in Sustainable Travel

Chichen Itza All-Inclusive, Tequila tasting, Cenote Swim, Buffet & Valladolid
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There are ways other than just staying at a sustainable property that you can increase environmental friendly thinking for your vacations!

Take advantage of options for walking, hiking, and biking tours and find out how to use a destination’s bike share program or public transportation system where safe.

Horseback Riding and Cenote Swim from Cancun or Playa del Carmen
Horseback Riding Excursion via Viator

Consider hybrid or electric vehicle choices in your rental car if available. Give back to local communities you visit in ways like supporting local artisans or restaurants, & look out for opportunities to participate in environmental decluttering or preservation efforts.

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You can even bring your own reusable water bottles & straws or wear biodegradable sunscreen.

Eco Practices at Easy Breezy Journeys

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As your travel professional, I have also taken many steps to reduce the impact my business has on the environment.

For example, many of my clients don’t want me to send paper documents by mail, but prefer to print only what they need at home (though if you don’t have a printer, I’m happy to do it for you!)

I no longer really keep very many physical brochures, marketing materials kept in my office since things are changing rapidly anyway – plus every travel supplier, or most anyway, have virtual or cloud-based versions! That saves not only the earth, but space!

Down Angle Photography of Red Clouds and Blue Sky
The Cloud, haha, I thought I’d have fun referencing cloud storage
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In the months to come, I hope to create more resources for those especially interested in traveling sustainable… so stay tuned for more!

When it comes to sustainable travel, combining many small actions yields a large overall impact. Together we can help preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet’s amazing destinations! If you’re ready to plan your next trip, simply click HERE to get started by answering a few quick questions!

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