Space Travel

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

On 7/21/21, Jeff Bezos and 3 others went briefly into space aboard the Blue Origin! I watched it and it was pretty cool, though I wasn’t quite expecting it to be just a few minutes long!

All this as about a week ago Sir Richard Branson took his Virgin Galactic USS Unity into space with 5 pilots and a mission specialist, it’s very fascinating – and I have to wonder – are they racing? 

Neither went “into orbit”, but Branson’s was more of an airplane type vehicle wehreas Bezos used a rocket. 

My hero in all this is Wally Funk, who was a female astronaut who completed training for the Mercury program back in the 1960s – but essentially was not able to go because she is female. She was on it and fulfilled a lifelong goal to go to space and experience true weightlessness! 

Check it out here if you missed the New Shepard Flight: 

Everyone on board became an official astronaut when they went past the Kármán Line, the internationally recognized boundary of space at 62 miles above the Earth!

Here’s a great article from Forbes Magazine you might be interested to read:  Forbes Article

Check out the Virgin Galactic Website here:

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