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New year, new adventures! It will be here before we know it! I know we’re all in the midst of still planning for this year’s holidays, shopping, and all that jazz, but don’t let the calendar fool you – it’s one page away!

One of the most exciting parts of a new year is planning all the places my clients will go in the upcoming year and talking about the destinations that inspire you.
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I love hearing about the ideas you have about the trips you’ll take in the next year and naturally, I want to help you make those travel dreams come true.

Maybe there’s a destination that’s at the top of your mind. If not, that’s ok!

For me, travel inspiration comes when I start thinking about why I want to travel. Is it because you need a break from routine? Or maybe you’ll be celebrating a special birthday this year and want to celebrate it with loved ones.

Below you’ll find a few ideas to spark your sense of wanderlust:

Family Fun Vacation
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For many families, vacationing together provides a chance to reconnect and make memories that you’ll look back on for years to come. Whether your kids are young or they have kids of their own, there’s nothing more precious than time spent together.
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Whether you want to keep your trip small or make it a family reunion with your extended family, this can be the year!

A Trip for Celebrating!
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What will you celebrate in 2023? Whether you or someone in your family is graduating, getting married, hitting a milestone anniversary, or any other cause for celebration, a vacation is the ultimate way to mark the occasion.

Check Something Off Your Bucket List
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Chances are there is a destination you’ve been thinking about for a few years (or even a few decades). We often keep a list of “someday” destinations, but isn’t it time we stopped saying someday and actually went?

Let’s be honest: you don’t need an excuse to travel…you just need the help of your travel agent! Spring break and summer vacation are just around the corner, so don’t wait to get this year’s vacation in the books.

Here’s to an exciting year of travel in 2023! Ready to plan your next vacation or getaway?

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