See What Awaits You Onboard Norwegian Viva

The new Norwegian Viva. Isn’t she gorgeous? As of now, the Norwegian Viva is setting sail in Europe on the Mediterranean and sailed her first guests from Venice (Trieste) in Italy last month.

Norwegian Viva on the water. (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

She will sail many various Mediterranean sailings before heading in winter from San Juan, Puerto Rico to various Caribbean islands.

Viva in Vesivius, Italy (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Below you can see the Palomar onboard Viva. Stunning seaside dining indoors! This is a casual, yet sophisticated venue which highlights fresh seafood, paired with delectable cocktails and wines.

Palomar onboard Viva. (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Below you will see a photo of the Penrose Atrium aboard the Norwegian Viva. This is the first 3-floor atrium with glass walls and views of the horizon!

Penrose Atrium onboard Norwegian Viva (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Below you will see the Belvedere Bar, where they serve crafted bottled cocktails and more in a modern and contemporary atmosphere.

Belvedere Bar (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Next up: the Observation Lounge, where you can look out onto the open ocean and sky with a refreshing beverage in one hand and the hand of a loved one in another.

Norwegian Viva Observation Lounge (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

The delightful looking spot below is called “Infinity Beach” because you can relax and look over the edge of the water to see how the infinity pool blends into the ocean water.

Infinity Beach on Norwegian Viva (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

And what would a new Norwegian ship be without its famous onboard race track? It’s larger than ever and has 3 levels… all at sea!

Viva Speedway (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Adults-only, you say? Check out the image below featuring the adults only Vibe Beach Club featuring a top of ship location, amazing ocean views, high end loungers, food, drink, and of course, umbrellas.

The Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Viva (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

The best of staterooms exists in Norwegian’s “The Haven” where a stateroom like the one below is shown. You get private access elevators, largest suites, as well as special areas reserved only for Haven guests so it’s a “ship within a ship” they like to say.

The Haven onboard Norwegian Viva (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Check out this amazing spa, the Mandara Spa! Below you’ll see the Hydrotherapy pool in its spa, which is offering nearly every spa treatment and luxury imaginable.

Hydrotherapy pool in the spa on Norwegian Viva (Photo Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

What are you waiting for? You can sail this gorgeous ship in the Caribbean this winter or in Europe in the non-winter season!

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