Royal Caribbean Offers Cruise Ship to First Responders at Surfside Condo Collapse

PHOTO: Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas. (photo via Flickr / Hugh Llewelyn)

Royal Caribbean offered one of its ships as a temporary home for first responders who would be working at the scene of the Surfside condo collapse in South Florida.

Explorer of the Seas arrived at Port Miami on Thursday, July 1 in order to welcome up to 600 of these amazing public servants a couple of weeks or more. The ship welcomed 80+ rescue workers on the first day & even opening up to first responder K-9s.

The Champlain Towers South experienced a sudden partial collapse around 2am on June 24. Rescue efforts were put on hold Thursday 7/1 as engineers assessed the structure that was still standing.

FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, has sent 60 staff members and an additional 400 personnel across five search and rescue teams.

This ship was completed in 2000 as their 2nd Voyager-class ship, and the Explorer of the Seas can accommodate more than 3,000 guests.

I just love to see when the cruise lines jump in to help out – in the way they can – which is in capacity for guests.

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