Nassau Opens 1st Non-USA Location with TSA PreCheck Screening

Courtesy VAX Vacation Access

After a series of tests last summer, Nassau’s Lynden Pindling Airport officially opened the first-ever international TSA PreCheck screening checkpoint on February 24, 2022. So, U.S.-bound travelers will be able to use their TSA PreCheck memberships when returning stateside after vacationing in the Bahamas!

Why Nassau?

Bahamas shuts out Americans after coronavirus cases rise on islands
Bahamas, Courtesy CNBC

The destination was chosen because it is one of 16 international destinations where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents inspect travelers prior to boarding flights that return to the states.

TSA officials are optimistic that the Nassau location will serve as a model for further extending TSA PreCheck.

(It) will make the Bahamas an even more attractive destination for Americans, who comprise more than 80% of our inbound tourists.

Bahamas Minister of Tourism, Chester Cooper

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Unruly behavior on flights could result in revoked TSA Pre-check, the FAA  says : NPR
TSA Pre-Check, Courtesy NPR

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