Majestic Alaska: 6 Must-Do Experiences When Visiting Alaska

Alaska, the 49th state, is home to pristine and beautiful landscapes, captivating wildlife, and unique cities that are fun to explore. A bucket list destination for many, travelers often dream of visiting this vast wilderness and checking another state off their lists. If Alaska has been on your mind, let’s make Alaska happen next spring, summer, or fall!

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

– John Muir

Wonderful Wildlife – Alaska’s Big Five

Alaska is home to a diverse range of animals that thrive in its immense swaths of untouched land, including seven of the 12 largest National Parks in the United States. Many travelers make the trip to the Last Frontier to catch glimpses of Alaska’s remarkable wildlife, the most notable of which are referred to as the Big Five.

Originally the term “Big Five” referred to five large land mammals that were difficult to hunt, but today this term is used for the five animals that visitors are most lucky to spot while spending time in the wilderness. The Alaskan Big Five includes moose, bears (both black bears and grizzly bears), Dall sheep, caribou, and gray wolves.

Travelers have the best chance of spotting Alaska’s Big Five when visiting Denali National Park. Since its establishment in 1917, the park has protected over 6 million acres of Alaska’s wilderness, as well as the tallest mountain peak in North America, Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley).

6 Must-Do Experiences When Visiting Alaska

Enjoy views of the scenic Inside Passage.

The Inside Passage is the standard coastal route for oceangoing ships sailing to Alaska. The vessels weave between Alaska’s coastline and a series of islands boasting fjords, wildlife-rich forests, magnificent mountains, and massive glaciers. When cruising to Alaska, the journey is as worthwhile as the destination!

Absorb Alaskan History in Ketchikan

Tourists flock to this funky, historic town each summer, making it one of the most popular destinations in Alaska. The city built over the water offers restaurants, quaint shops, and lookouts perfect for viewing the migrating salmon. Explore picturesque Creek Street, snap photos of the fishermen at Stedman Bridge, and watch the salmon jumping at Salmon Ladder.

Check out Hubbard Glacier

Even the largest cruise ships are dwarfed by the Hubbard Glacier, which soars up to 30 stories high. It’s easiest to appreciate the stunning blues of this six-mile wide giant from a distance, which is why cruise passengers will have the best views.

Discover Juneau

Options for excursions and entertainment are plentiful around Alaska’s capital city. The nearby Mendenhall Glacier is accessible by hike, kayak, or canoe, and the Mt. Roberts Tramway climbs 1,800 feet up the mountainside to give passengers a bird’s eye view of the temperate rainforest below.

Kitsch it up in Skagway

Experience the excitement of the Alaskan Gold Rush in Skagway, where the feel of the good old days remains. As one of Alaska’s most popular ports, there are plenty of tourist shops selling knick-knacks, but visitors can also get a history lesson at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitors Center, or even strike gold themselves by panning at Liarsville Gold Rush Trail Camp.

Marvel at Glacier Bay National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage site encompasses some of Alaska’s most lush wilderness, spectacular glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. It also includes a marine park and opportunities to see whales, seals, otters, and bears.

Alaska and its majestic beauty await. Contact me to discuss your plans to visit The Last Frontier.

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