Ireland: 12 Travel Tips for 2023!

If it’s your first time visiting Ireland, these tips are especially helpful, but for anyone planning a trip, you’re sure to love these tips for the Emerald Isle. Enjoy!

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Most Plan for a Week

Anywhere you go, you could probably spend a week or more exploring, but most travelers spend about a week in destination here.

English & Gaelic – 2 languages here!

You’ll see signs in both English & Gaelic throughout Ireland, but primarily English is the language that is spoken by most people.

Ireland’s got 5 international airports

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Dublin and Shannon are the most popular, but there are a few others:

  • Belfast Airport
  • Cork Airport
  • Knock Airport

The Cliffs of Moher – Arrive Early!

This is one of Ireland’s most popular attractions, so get there early if you want less crowds and fewer crowds in your photos!

Ireland Driving

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Important: In Ireland (all parts of Ireland), they drive on the left side of the road. Many travelers do a self-drive trip in Ireland, and they have a blast! Keep this in mind too when crossing streets – look right as you would look left in the US!

Have Fun & Take in the “Craic”

Usually meaning party time, entertainment, good times, gossip, and chatter, in other words, being relaxed and having a grand social time! Be sure to talk to the people you meet! Ireland’s natives love to tell stories and you’re sure to hear some great ones!

Dress Seasonally – for All seasons, every day

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The climate is unpredictable, damp, rainy, windy, sunny – so wear layers, and bring a travel umbrella or raincoat handy! Even on a sunny day, it may shift to rain suddenly. That’s just the nature of it and why it’s so “emerald”!

Speaking of Seasons, Tourism is very seasonal

July & August are the most popular times to visit, so this is when it’s most expensive and crowded. Visiting in April, May, June, September, or October are great shoulder season options. In wintertime many of the smaller spots might close up shop.

Do Leave Dublin

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While very popular for tourists, there is so much more to Ireland than Dublin! Most Dubliners might even say that the best parts of Ireland are not in Dublin, but locations outside with its many towns, villages, cities and natural wonders.


Do leave a 10-15% tip in pubs and Irish restaurants – it is customary but not as heavily as here in the USA. Large groups may have that included, so do look for that. It doesn’t hurt to give a small tip to a taxi driver, but is not super expected.

Understand the difference between Northern Ireland and Ireland

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Northern Ireland Dunluce Castle: Photo by Iain from Pexels:
  • Ireland – the name of Europe‚Äôs second populous island, which is where both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are located.
  • Northern Ireland – the smaller northern area that is described sometimes as a province, sometimes as a country and is part of the United Kingdom, whereas Ireland the area (not the island) is not part of the UK.
  • The Republic of Ireland – The rest of the island of Ireland other than Northern Ireland.

Because you’ve got 2 countries here, you may need both Pounds and Euros

The Republic of Ireland uses the Euro, and Northern Ireland uses the Pound sterling. Credit cards are automatically converted and ATMS everywhere as well as currency exchanges are available on both sides of the borders, so you can easily find what you need.

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