How Airlines Are Helping the Travel Industry Move Forward

The pandemic has forced every part of the travel world to innovate. For the airline industry, technology has become especially important, as carriers aim to create a safer & more personalized experience for travelers.

Contactless check-in at United Airlines
Contactless check in at United courtesy of Travel Weekly

With travel restrictions & regulations constantly changing, today’s travelers & travel agents rely on airline technology heavily – more than ever. The biggest use of these tools is when it comes to airfare cancellation and changes on the fly.

Airlines understand traveler concerns & continue to provide flexible cancel or change policies. Airlines have dedicated entire website pages to their policies in relation to COVID-19, which allows both consumers and travel advisors to keep up to date on policies.

The increase in technology in the airline industry has helped and will continue to help travelers feel confident in traveling safely. We were happy that airlines quickly implemented technology such as temperature checks, cleaning with electrostatic sprayers, updating the use of filtration systems, and adding touchless check-ins. All of these changes helped reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and have helped travelers feel safer when flying.”

Andrea Norfolk, president of Shoreline Destinations in Finksburg, Maryland

Norfolk also said that more and more travelers that have never used a travel advisor before are coming to seek professional help due to the ever- changing and uncertain nature of the travel world. Many travelers are now seeking advice from someone that is up to date on new travel regulations.

Airlines have been doing a good job of pushing SMS and e-mail messages to travelers with what to expect at the airport and onboard, as well as expanding the capabilities of their mobile apps to allow for more of a contactless experience, which will likely be the future of travel

Carla Passage, director of air and hotel technology, air supplier relations and service team at Ensemble Travel Group

Passage also said ” Before COVID-19, our clients initially came to us for advice on their destination. Now, we are being asked more for recommendations on which airline to use, too.”

“Because airline technology continues to change, we are constantly sharing the latest airline updates with our clients,” she also mentioned. “This helps them become more confident travelers and provides them with a value they can’t always get by booking direct.”

United Airlines' easy-to-use Travel-Ready Center
Courtesy United Airlines & Travel Weekly

Regardless of what technological marvels the airline industry may unveil next, you can be assured that travel professionals will continue to help clients make the air travel experience easy to understand and help you have a smooth journey! And if not, we remain here to help you personally when you decide to work with us.

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Free Silhouette of Airplane in Golden Hour Stock Photo
Airplane photo courtety of Marina Hinic

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