Friday Feature: What Does your 2022 Getaway Look Like?

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Whether you prefer sampling new flavors, hiking different trails, or exploring an unfamiliar city, traveling allows us to expand our horizons & even reconnect with our passions. Also, and maybe more importantly, allows us to step back from the everyday work and home stress, relax, & indulge in some much-needed vacation and relaxation.

For SO many of us, the pandemic has disrupted, canceled, and/or delayed travel plans & made it harder to anticipate the next time we can go. How rude, right!? Despite these set backs, it’s still possible to plan a trip that matches your individual comfort level.

What does your 2022 travel forecast look like? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Not ready to go out? Plan a Staycation

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You don’t have to go very far to get a break from your normal routine. It can be fun to play tourist in your area, town, county, or even just your state!

Visit local parks, explore local attractions, sample food from different restaurants, or plan a quick road trip. Sticking closer to home is a good option for you if you prefer the comfort of understanding local COVID-19 guidelines with great flexibility for adjusting plans if you need to.

Want to go further, but in the US? See the States!

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A passport isn’t always needed for every great getaway. Many people are taking advantage of the chance to explore new United States destinations that they’ve always wanted to go see.

Popular options include cabin rentals, beach homes, National Parks, ski trips, & even amusement parks. You could hit the highway on the ultimate cross-country adventure like the Griswolds, but hopefully with less mishaps!

Ready to Get back Onboard?

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While different from your last vacation, there are plenty of destinations open & available when you are ready to travel again. Most travel companies, including resorts & also cruise lines, have implemented very strict health & safety protocols. Flexibility & willingness to follow local Covid regulations and rules is key, I’m happy to help you compare options and understand policies. It can all be quite overwhelming.

Even if your next vacation hasn’t officially made it onto your 2022 travel calendar (yet!) you can keep your vacation dreams burning bright! Keep feeding your piggy bank and saving vacation days for your next epic adventure!

Ready to plan your next vacation or getaway?

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