Find a New Way to Vacay!

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New summertime season, so how about a new adventure? Focus on where you’re going. Think about your travel goals. Isn’t it finally time to ditch the typical beach or road trip (If not yet, then in the next few years) & enjoy the getaway you deserve? As your travel advisor, I have some ideas on how to take the way you “vacay” to the next level:

Amp It Up with All-Inclusive Fun
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Each year you save up your spare change to book your vacation. After you pay for the travel itself, you empty your savings account to pay for the meals, activities, and services while you’re there. Sound familiar? Imagine if you didn’t have to pay for the extra expenses because they were already included in the cost upfront. Whether you’re heading out on a family-friendly adventure or an adults-only escape, I have the perfect all-inclusive stay in mind for you.

Explore a New Way
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Just because you’ve cruised a couple times, doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all. The same goes for most vacations–every experience can be new, exciting, and extraordinary. If you’ve already cruised the Caribbean, consider cruising the West Coast. You can even travel by rail through different destinations like Canada or Europe! I have endless ideas about how to see the world from a different perspective, including simple switches in your transportation types or trip routes.

Revive Yourself on a Solo Trip
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Take a trip to spend quality time with your favorite person – yourself! The benefit of traveling by yourself is that you can choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. Set off on your adventure to an all-inclusive resort. Or take an independent solo tour of a European country. A concierge is always easily accessible if you need additional help on your personal journey. Who knows what wonders you’ll discover all on your own!

Give Your Trip a Bigger Purpose
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Voluntourism (the combination of volunteering and tourism) is currently one of the most popular trends. Many travelers assume a mission trip must be connected with a religious organization, but there are plenty of other opportunities available. You can give back during your regularly scheduled vacation by donating supplies, volunteering for a day at a local school, orphanage, or shelter, or taking some time to clean up the beach.

Are you ready to see the world from a whole new perspective? The first step towards discovery is contacting your travel advisor — me!

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