Feature Friday: What to Expect When Flying in 2022

This information is current as of March 11, 2022 – please visit your airline, the state department at travel.state.gov for more information.

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COVID-19 has definitely change the future of all travel, which includes travel by air, and the needed changes and regulations have helped us get back to air travel. In this post-pandemic era, the travel industry is putting a huge emphasis your health & safety more than ever in the past.

Airlines & airports have introduced tons of new measures to make air travel safe for their staff and travelers. Here’s what you can expect next time you travel by air.

At The Airport, You Can Expect:

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Social distancing & health checks

You may find that the airport experience is a little different from before with things like:

  • Temperature screenings
  • Socially distanced queues
  • Seats taped off for social distancing reasons

Enhanced Sanitation

You’re sure to spot these changes to cleanliness throughout the airport:

  • You may notice more cleaning staff in the airport to regularly disinfect various common areas.
  • Hand sanitizer likely will be located at any high traffic routes within the terminals.

Self-service options increased

You’re likely to see a lot more self-servicing options in these areas:

  • More push for online check in
  • Additional self-service kiosks were already increasing in airports before the pandemic, because they do make things faster & more convenient.
  • You may find more self-service booths than before the pandemic.

On the Plane, You Can Expect

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Face masks

Passengers are generally required to wear face coverings for the flight, other than when eating or drinking. Wearing a mask when flying significantly reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 while you’ll be close to other travelers. You can also expect to remain seated for most of the flight except when you use the bathrooms, which are regularly disinfected.

Effective air filtration systems

  • Most airlines are now using HEPA filters in their air filtration systems, which are the gold standard for both medical and personal air purification.
  • 40% of the cabin’s air is cycled through this system continuously & 60% is from outside.
  • These methods are very effective at removing airborne particles and make your breathing air en route cleaner than you’d find indoors on the ground.
  • Some airlines are using Electrostatic spraying which kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within minutes and lasts up to 7 days.

Food services may be reduced

As with all things post-pandemic, many airlines are gradually increasing their food & beverage services during flights to something more like we’re used to, but a return to full service may take a bit longer.

In The Future, You Can Expect

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Health measures will remain in public spaces

A survey was conducted of more than 850 travelers from the UK, US, and Australia asking what they considered most important when choosing a flight since the pandemic began. Their top responses were:

  • Passenger and crew well-being
  • Health-screening processes
  • Enhanced cabin-cleaning processes
  • Air quality on the aircraft

You’re not the only one wondering how to stay safe while traveling. The new normal will focus on health heavily, and the travel industry is working hard to make sure we feel safe when we fly. The goal is ensuring the virus free end to end travel experience, from documents needed to logistics during the journey.

Current Sanitation Will Be Improved with Tech

Experts speculate how the industry can embrace some modern, technology oriented solutions. Here are some examples:

  • Tunnels that clean each traveler from have been tested in China.
  • Baggage could undergo deep cleaning using a UV light or disinfectant fog to kill bacteria. 
  • Tokyo Airport has also attempted 100% contactless personal mobility machines for disabled travelers.

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