Feature Friday: Happy Holidays!

Courtesy KHM Travel Group

After an eventful year, the holidays remind us to slow down and consider everything we have to celebrate. Even though it’s had its challenges, this year has brought us joy through our friendships, families, and funny moments with our pets.

As I take part in the holiday season, I am reminded how powerful the emotion of joy is. It makes us smile and laugh. In moments of joy, we cheer and clap in celebration. We may even stand up and dance around!

Much like the holiday season, traveling is also a time of joy.

When we travel, we have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends who make us smile. We try new things, like dancing to salsa music or tasting a new dish in a candlelit restaurant. We clap when the plane lands in our destination or cheer for the performers that we watch on stage. Travel opens us up to joy and reminds us how wonderful life really is!

I am so grateful for these moments. I hope you find moments of joy, whether it’s eating your favorite dish at a holiday gathering, watching a child open the gift they’ve been dreaming about or hearing your favorite festive song on the radio.

​Together, we can look forward to the joy of traveling in the year to come!​​​​

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