Feature Friday: 3 Ways Road Trips Create Lasting Memories

Road trips hold a special place in our hearts. They’re in our favorite TV shows, movies, and even books. And though many of us have probably thought about taking a road trip, 2021 is the perfect time to take a couples road trip!

Not only does a road trip put you in control of the destinations and the sights, but it gives you a chance to make memories together, both in your destination and en route to it that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Navigating Together

Whether you’re asking Siri for directions or going old school with a paper map, navigating on a road trip is part of the fun. It’s all about tracing your route, taking a detour to a roadside attraction (who doesn’t want to take a selfie with the world’s largest ball of yarn?), and stopping at a family-owned diner for the best (and maybe greasiest) breakfast you’ve ever had.

Capturing the Journey

Road trips offer the chance to travel safely and comfortably, especially in light of COVID-19 concerns. But that also means there may not be other travelers to snap photos of you and your partner together. Be sure to practice using your camera or phone’s self-timer, so that you can snap photos together at every destination along the way. Or pack your selfie stick to capture your smiles in front of the scenery. They’re a few of the best ways to make sure the memories of your adventure last for years to come!

Building Your Playlists

Music connects us. It helps us convey our feelings and emotions to one another. It makes us want to dance. It turns us into karaoke singers behind the wheel. Before setting out on a road trip, build playlists for each other that tells a story about your relationship through song. Or perhaps you choose an audiobook or new podcast series to keep you guessing about what will happen next.

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