Board Games That Inspire Wanderlust

Maybe you’re not out and about traveling right now. But you can catch that travel planning and traveling vibe with some really interesting board games!

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The days of just rolling dice and moving around are gone in most newer games. Modern games involve interesting decision-making, creativity to the max, and modern game mechanics.

Most of them you can purchase at local game stores, Barnes & Noble, Target, or Amazon. A few of the entry level board games are these:

Ticket to Ride
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This game won the “Spiel des Jahres” which is the top award in board games which indicates best family board game of the year in 2004! Players gather the right number of certain colored cards to create train routes through destinations in the United States. Opponents try to block one another, and points are earned when claiming a route. You can get bonus points when you secure certain routes with what they call personal objective cards, which are kept secret during the game.

Pan Am
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In the Pan Am game, players work to get air routes around the globe to compete with the legendary Pan American Airways. As the air flight empires grow for players, selling routes to the mega Pan Am for a profit followed by purchasing new stock in the company paves way to win. Combining vintage looks & a historical look at the Pan Am’s past, plus a gorgeous board on the table as a game, this is a fun game with a bit of an economic focus.

Trekking the World
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Just 2 and as many as 5 players try to win a race to visit their bucket list destinations all over the globe. Players collect unique things during their journey. Think of them as souvenirs. See Giza, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Cappadocia, and see the Great Barrier Reef with Trekking the World!

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Journey along Japan’s East Red Sea Road. Along the way, you want to become the most interesting traveler, while visiting temples, collecting items, trying foods, interacting with people, and painting panoramas. The most interesting traveler has experienced the most the area has to offer. This game is more relaxing than some of the others here.

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Trails is a game that captures the eye when you open it up, and though a less large game physically, it has a lot of great features! You’ll hike through nature in national parks, collecting items and taking photographs to get badges. For something a little more complex, try Parks! Both are made by the same company.
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Those who love board games will tell you that without screens, you can really enjoy the people you’re with – talking, snacking, playing, laughing… all in good fun! Why not give one of these a try while you’re dreaming of your next vacation?

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