An Overview of Europe’s Rivers

Are you a longtime fan of ocean cruises, but now looking to explore the rivers of the world? Have you already discovered a passion for river cruises, but are looking to branch out with itineraries that take you to the far reaches of the globe? Let’s chat river cruises!


The Danube flows through 10 countries in Central Europe and past 4 major capital cities. There are 16 national parks along the river’s path. Riverside castles and vineyards, medieval fortresses, and churches dot the river. Bike riding is a great excursion because of the fantastic cycling path along the river. The Danube is known as a great river for those new to river cruising but is also perfect for past cruisers who have sailed elsewhere.


The Rhine flows through 5 countries from the Swiss Alps to the Netherlands, passing many castles in Germany, craggy cliffs dotted with castles, and a variety of UNESCO World Heritage sites. This river is also popular with both new and seasoned river cruisers.


The Rhone is for those who wish to experience the France of Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Gauguin. Passing lavender fields and hilltop villages, eating delectable French cuisine, and sipping local wines is both romantic and enchanting. It’s the perfect river for those who are captivated by the magic of France.


The Seine combines urban and rural France for a comprehensive dip into the country’s history and culture. Itineraries here appeal to history buffs who are interested in the Middle Ages and World War II. Passing beneath 37 bridges and viewing iconic landmarks of Paris (Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, and The Louvre) provides ample oohs and aahs.


The Moselle is the little sister to the Rhine and passes through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. It’s quiet and peaceful with a beautiful wine region and fairytale scenery. Wine aficionados plan cruises on the Moselle because the region caters to this passion.


The Douro passes through pretty Portugal, allowing for time to explore some of the country’s most iconic cities like Lisbon and Porto. Sipping Port wine while passing terraced vineyards and small villages among the rolling hills of the country is the perfect way to end a day, and these itineraries are growing in popularity.

This is by no means all the river cruise options in the world, but the most popular, and in Europe. Want to learn more? Just ask!

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