8 Perks to Planning a Group Cruise

Welcome to February! We are in the middle of what’s known as “Wave Season” which is the cruise industry’s HUGE time of the year to run specials and promos. 

So I thought a good topic to discuss is what benefits there are to cruising as a group. My very first cruise was the Zumba cruise where Jenn and I taught on the ship in the nightclub in the mornings!

You can do all sorts of groups from organized business-related stuff to just taking a big family and even just bringing a bunch of friends to have a good time.

Perk #1: Cruise Perks!

You can get extras such as onboard credit, free goodies, it all depends on the cruise line and your group size. It’s pretty cool!

Perk #2: Travel with People you have Things In Common With

Cruising with your group means you can cruise with folks who have a lot in common with you – you could take your club, your business colleagues, church group, friends group – whatever works for you!

Perk #3: Low Deposits & Early Booking Rates

The earlier you book the better your rates! Also you can get deposits super low to get everyone onboard!

Perk #4: Group Excursions

You might not know this, but you can get really cool shore excursions booked as a group off the cruise ship! It’s really amazing some of the unique ideas some of the excursion operators I work with have come up with, and very economical too!

Perk #5: Group Dining

You can group with your group, not whoever else is there nor alone with just you and your stateroom of folks. It’s awesome! You can even get assigned tables but rotate who you sit with every night.

Perk #6: More People = More Fun!

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but we have done it a few times – with my Zumba crew, then later wtih family and friends. Cruising is awesome regardless, but everyone is so relaxed and rested and having fun when cruising together. Why not give it a try?

Perk #7: Great for Families

This simply means less work for you to set up your family reunion. Think about it! The food is already INCLUDED and PREPPED. No clean up. Everyone is relaxed, nobody is stressed. It’s perfect!

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