7 Cruising Mistakes to Avoid

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Overpacking and/or Underpacking

Don’t forget the underwear but don’t pack every possible outfit. Over or under packing can be a disaster. You’ll want room to bring home new items too that you buy on your trip.

Choosing the Wrong Vibe Cruise Ship

Some ships are better suited to families, while others are fine for most adults, it just depends on what types of services, amenities, and stateroom options are available. Some ships have more kids activities, and some have larger staterooms or more connecting staterooms for larger than 4 families. It’s also important to think about what kind of atmosphere you want – do you want the fun party cruise line, or the fancier, classier one with more upscale venues? The choice is yours – laid back or more black tie?

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Bringing Work On your Cruise

It’s a vacation – not work. While workcationing is becoming more popular, trust me on this one. I tried to do it once, it’s not pleasant to have to work on your cruise.

Not Booking Tours in Advance

For sure, sign up in advance, especially these days. With less people being permitted on many tours, if you want a tour, sign up early.

Deciding Against Travel Insurance

Especially in a Covid world, it’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance. After all, your vacation is an investment, and you should protect that.
Things that insurance policies may help you cover would be things like canceled flights, missed vacation due to canceled flights, needing medical care in a foreign country (both on the insurance side as well as the navigating that situation side), lost or delayed luggage, missed connection, loss or theft of personal cellular devices or laptops, and more. I do want to recommend that unless your age prohibits the cost (since many plans are age + cost based), many cruise line plans provide significantly less coverage than the 3rd party plans that I would offer you.

The Pros and Cons of Cruising in Europe by Rick Steves
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Booking a Same-Day Flight

I always suggest you fly in the night before departure, and if you want to go home the day you get off the ship, that’s okay but be sure to book one that’s no earlier than 1 or 2pm.

You Forget to Budget for Some Extras

Examples of these would be things like off-ship food, drinks, souvenirs & shopping, alcoholic beverages, bottled water, spa treatments, wifi packages, sodas, shore excursions/tours, and more.

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