5 tips to prevent jet lag

I’m still remembering the fun we had in the Smoky Mountains this week – here’s a picture of my daughter and I before we did their biggest, longest zipline from the top of the mountain! It was an incredible journey! This week’s article is a quick one about preventing jet lag! I hope you find it helpful! Have a great week!

5 Tips to Stop Jet Lag!

Prevent jet lag before it begins with these tips!

Don’t forget to add jet lag prevention to your pre-travel checklist if you’ll be flying a long-haul and more than a few time zones away from home. Check out these very simple tips!

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#1 Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Stay hydrated before you fly, during your flight, and again after you land. Caffeine and alcohol on board may dehydrate you further – and hydration is one of the best ways to keep your body in tiptop shape after you land.

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#2 Get some extra sleep before your trip.

It is better to have too much sleep than not enough – even if you do sleep on the plane, you may not sleep well. Better to have extra sleep and doze off on the plane than to get hit even harder from being really really tired when you arrive.

#3 Adjust to the new time before you leave!

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One of the very best things you can do to prevent jet lag is to start acclimating to the time in your new destination before your trip, usually about 3-4 days. This could mean closing the shades and sleeping earlier than usual, or waking up much earlier than usual, or vice versa.

Here’s a great website – Jet Lag Rooster – a tool to help you get ready. Just plug in your destination and current time zone, along with flight information in this will put together for you the times you want to be awake and asleep if it all possible.

#4 Book overnight flights and try to sleep on the plane.

Lots of people will take a mild sleeping pill if they don’t sleep well on a plane, consider upgrading if you can and bring along items to help you sleep such as pillows, and a blanket.

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#5 Use over the counter remedies/supplements.

There are a lot of nutritional supplements that you could try which some traveler say work really well. The nutritional supplements are not truly proven scientifically, so read the reviews carefully and definitely give them a whirl before it’s time to leave so that you know that you will not have any negative reactions if you choose to try one of these. You don’t want to be 30,000 feet in the sky when you’re having a weird reaction to something. Also, ask your pharmacist if there any interactions with any prescription medications you are taking. Always ask your doctor before taking anything new.

I hope these tips will help you on your next trip!!

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