5 Tips Frequent Fliers Swear By

Photo: Traveler at Airport Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

Starting with #5 and working our way down to my favorite tip that I personally use, here are 5 tips that frequent fliers/travelers use to make travel better. Enjoy!

#5 Pack Like a Pro
Packing succinctly as well as for unexpected situations is wise packing! For example, you may want to ship some luggage ahead for a longer trip, packing by the days of the trip, and bad situations such as a canceled flight with one overnight outfit and the supplies you need (medications, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a fresh set of clothes) in your carry on is a really great idea!

#4 Double & Triple Check everything
Plan for the worst – take photos of your passport and arrangements, seats are assigned before you leave home, review your itinerary and proofread your tickets before you leave, and even think about weighing your suitcase at home.

Photo of Travel Documents by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

#3 Consider the Season
Shoulder season travel, or traveling in the not off and not on season, is amazing. For example, the Caribbean in September or August Рwhile hot Рsaves a bundle of money. 

#2 Know Your Airports & Airline
Knowing how to get between the different parts of the airports you’ll be passing though can be helpful. You can find them online and peek at them in advance. Also, check your phone’s app store for a terminal map or an app like SeatGuru.¬†Everyone has preferences. Know yours and what the airlines can do to meet them. Window seat or aisle seat, exit row or no, business class or first class. Traveling the way you are comfortable ensures a more enjoyable passage.

Photo of Airport Security by CDC on Unsplash

#1  Get & Use Your Global Entry Status
I have to say this is by far the best investment I ever made into my traveling credentials, and I won’t travel again without it internationally if I have my choice! TSA precheck is nice, but Global Entry is better if you are going to leave the country. I passed through customs on one trip in literally 5 minutes, while someone on my flight that I knew waited 90+ minutes!

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